How Can I Implement a Successful Employee Recognition Program?

employee recognition program

From a young age, we appreciate being recognized for our hard work and success. And that doesn’t change as we get older and enter the workforce. Even after decades at the same company, people like to feel acknowledged.

So if you are looking for a way to show your employees your appreciation, consider an employee recognition program. This is a great way to improve company culture and reward your best employees for a job well done. Not only this, you also need to make your employees feel that you care for their well being. And this you can do by having a wellness program for your employees, designed by Wellics.

Keep reading for tips on how to set up an employee recognition program.

Build a Team

Creating your employee recognition program will require more than the efforts of just one person. Build a diverse team for your employee recognition committee. 

The committee will help design the program, set the objectives and standards, and measure the success of the program. This committee should have passionate, dedicated employees that want to positively impact the company’s culture. It may also be helpful to have someone from senior leadership on the committee to ensure buy-in from the rest of leadership.

Design Your Employee Recognition Program

Now that you have a team, it’s time to build a program.

You have several programs to choose from – an employee of the month, social recognition, monetary recognition, or peer recognition. 

Social recognition is when a person is publicly recognized for an action or decision that was good for the company. An example of social recognition would be a weekly email to spotlight an employee taking action in alignment with company culture. 

You can also build a social recognition program with a coveted prize like the trophies featured at

Monetary recognition is when a company gives money to an employee in the form of cash or a gift card to reward them. Monetary programs require securing a budget for the employee recognition program, but it can be effective in improving productivity and morale for employees.

Peer recognition is a great way for employees to acknowledge the people they work with every day. Instead of managers providing compliments or positive feedback, it comes from other employees. Having employees submit recognition cards regularly is a great feature to an employee recognition program.

Pick a program that you think will work best with your company’s culture. The program should have specific objectives and guidelines. Employees need to know the criteria for the program so that they work towards a goal.

Roll It Out and Measure Results

Once you have a committee and a clearly defined program, it’s time to roll it out! Get employees and managers excited about the new program while teaching them their role in its success.

Gather data from the first few weeks or months of your employee recognition program. Do you notice that employees are more productive? Happier? More engaged in their work?

You can also ask employees to complete a survey with their reflections on the program.

Get started with your employee recognition program today!

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