How Do You Prepare Your Pet for Thanksgiving Fireworks?

How Do You Prepare Your Pet For Thanksgiving Fireworks

Have you ever been spooked by a firework that suddenly went off? Imagine how frightening it may be to your pet! It might become stressed out, as it will not have any idea what is going on. Furthermore, pets have much more sensitive ears than people, so a powerful explosion can hurt your pet physically.

It does not mean that you should give up on the Thanksgiving firework show, though. Instead, if you know that your pet is likely to get anxious because of loud noises, you can look for ways to help your animal cope with it, including giving it comforting treats, creating a safe space, setting up hiding spots, distracting your pet with other sounds, and many more.

If you want to know how to prepare your pet for Thanksgiving fireworks, this article is just for you! Here, you will find a few tips that will help you comfort your pet and ensure that it feels safe during this time.

Give Your Pet Treats

It is crucial that you give your pet some tasty treats. For instance, if you own a dog, you can go for the dog chews sold on This way, you will be able to distract your pet from the fireworks and calm it down. It is recommended that you give your pet treats before the fireworks start so that it will be in a better mood when the fireworks begin.

Set Up a Comfortable Place to Hide

Other than that, you should provide your pet with a safe place to hide. It can be a crate, a dog bed, a cat carrier, a dog tent, or a cardboard box. Put the hiding spot in an area that your pet feels safe and secure in, but not too close to the windows. Ideally, you should choose a spot that has enough room for your pet to move around and stretch, so that it does not feel trapped.

Create a Safe Sounds Zone

If your pet finds the noise of the fireworks to be overwhelming, you can play its favorite music and sounds to distract it. You can choose soothing sounds, such as ocean waves, rain, and classical music. To make sure that your pet feels safe and calm, you should play this music louder than you usually would. That way, it will be loud enough to distract your pet from the noise of the fireworks.

Give Your Pet Its Favorite Toys

It is recommended that you distract your pet with its favorite toy dog accessories. It can be anything your pet likes playing with. For instance, most pets like to play with balls and stuffed animals. You can put a bunch of such toys in the hiding place mentioned above. That way, you can ensure that your pet will feel as comfortable as possible!

Give Your Pet Extra Attention

Another way to help your pet feel calmer is to give it extra attention. For instance, if you have a dog, you might want to take it out for a long walk before the fireworks start. This way, it will be too tired to focus on the fireworks.

It is crucial that your pet knows that you are here and that everything is going to be okay. If you make your pet feel that way, they will feel less anxious and will be less likely to panic when the fireworks start.

Consult a Veterinarian

Lastly, you might want to consult a veterinarian and ask about the things that you can do to help your pet cope with the Thanksgiving fireworks. There are many calming aids that you can buy from the vet and which are guaranteed to help your pet feel calmer with little to no side effects. Some examples of such aids include calming sprays and pheromone diffusers. The more efficient ones might be a bit costly, but they are definitely worth the money!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can help your pet cope with the Thanksgiving fireworks. For instance, you can give your pet its favorite treats and set up a comfortable place to hide. In addition to that, you can get your pet its beloved toys and talk to your veterinarian about the ways to help your pet stay calm.

If you follow the tips listed in this article, you should be able to provide your companion with a safe and calm environment that it will feel comfortable and relaxed in during the Thanksgiving firework show!

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