How Online Training and Education Have Democratized Knowledge

How Online Training and Education Have Democratized Knowledge

The democratization of knowledge has been a trending topic on all social platforms and has been noted as the next notable progression in human evolution. Knowledge is power and now, this power, through the internet, is available to all. By democratizing knowledge, the aim is to make it more available to everyone, not just the rich and privileged classes, academics or in this case, IT developers. Online learning and education are the fastest means of sharing knowledge and as such are at the forefront of democratizing information and learning.

Online Training and Education are Booming

Between 2020 and 2024, the e-learning market will grow by $12.8 billion, which equates to a vast number of people in the US that are engaging in this form of personal and professional development. Furthermore, the ongoing need for online higher education elicited by the pandemic has meant an ever-growing number of online learners of all ages, genders, races and classes. The Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) movement has also seen a great deal of this learning occurring for free and at much reduced rates, specifically in the fields of higher education. However, the same has happened across the learning spectrum. Online learning has been on the rise ever since and some are even claiming it to be the next step in modern day education, Check this online learning statistic to know more.

Never have there been more people learning, studying or training online and in turn, never has there been so much variety available to learn and improve one’s knowledge. And all of it is online.

Knowledge for career change or knowledge for knowledge’s sake

Any type of training can be accessed online – we have all heard the stories of the person who switched careers and learned the new skills they have online. They developed these skills into a full-time profession and all this online, in their own time and at their own pace. From plumbing to website development and code writing to digital cloud training

, it is all available online and can be accessed by anyone anywhere.

This has lowered the barriers to education and is arguably changing the way we live, interact and develop as a society.

Further change will equate to deepened development

Access to knowledge and its open nature is expected to change even further with the advent of online access to immediate language translation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. All of these developments will allow more people access to increased types and forms of knowledge. Doctors dealing with complicated operations are able to take and follow guidance from experts in the field from anywhere in the world. Computer programs can run and maintain agricultural operations to the minutest scientific levels and children are able to learn languages and social skills from others in virtual classrooms and playgrounds.

There is no reason not to join this trend, for either your personal or professional development, in either your private or business capacity – digital cloud training has opened up a world of choice for learning and knowledge.

Yes, you do need access, and this an additional critical step in the knowledge revolution, but with access to the internet there is no reason why you cannot learn anything you have ever wanted to.

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