How Seniors and Caregivers Should Prepare for a Medical Emergency

Prepare for a Medical Emergency

Accidents and emergencies are more likely to occur to seniors and people with disabilities than other individuals. Because of this, seniors and their caregivers should have plans in place for handling these types of situations when they occur. If the senior receives home care in Denver, this person can help them prepare for these situations and ensure they make it through them without an issue.

Preparation is Half the Battle

Being prepared for an emergency is nearly as crucial as appropriately handling an emergency. If an emergency occurs, who is going to be there to check on your senior loved one? Is there someone who can advocate for their wellbeing? Consider who is available to take them to the emergency room when coordinate care is needed. Your provider of home care in Denver can be a good choice if other family lives far away.

Keep Emergency Documents in Plain Sight

Having the needed emergency documents somewhere they can easily be seen and found is a must. We recommend having this information in your loved one’s wallet or purse and attached to the refrigerator. You also want whoever is providing the home care in Denver to have a copy of this information in case an emergency occurs while they are in the home.

Be Aware of What Medications Your Loved One Takes

One of the things that you should be aware of is that aging loved ones don’t always consistently take the medications they are prescribed. This might be because they forget, drop pills when taking them, or simply stop taking the tablets due to cost or side effects. This can be an emergency, which is why observing whether medications are taken is so important. Home care in Denver can help with this or you can do so during visits.

Make Sure the Home is Easily Found

If a situation occurs that requires emergency responders, the first thing you want to know is that finding your loved one’s home is easy. There are a few different ways to ensure this so emergency care is provided as quickly as possible. Some options include:

  • Make sure the address is prominently posted on the home and at the end of the driveway.
  • Use illuminated or reflective material that can be seen at night as well as during the day.
  • Post large numbers and ensure they can be seen from any direction.
  • Clear the numbers of any items in their way like trees, shrubs, and decorations
  • Ensure there is room for a 26-inch wide stretcher to get into the home.

How Home Care Can Help

When you choose to use home care in Denver, someone will visit your loved one regularly to ensure they are safe and doing well. This can give you peace of mind and an extra set of hands if something goes wrong. The caregivers at R&A Home Care Denver offer support and care and can step in to help you when you aren’t near your loved ones.

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