What is the Standard Form and How Students can Calculate it Easily?

students can calculate it easily

The standard form makes it easier to quickly read very large and very small numbers.

In other words, any number that can be written as a decimal number between 1.0 and 10.0 and multiplied by a power of 10 is recognized as the standard form.

For example, 2.6 x 106.

Let’s have a look at the demonstration of the standard form:

Number = 789000000000

Standard Form = 7.89 x 1011

Another example:

Number = 0.00236784

S.F. = 2.36 x 10-3

How to write numbers in S.F.?

Students and other users can manually convert numbers into the standard form.

The given number can be either in the integer form or in the decimal form.

To manually convert a number into the S.F, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Write down the number
  2. Identify the decimal point in the given number. If the number has no decimal point, then the number after the last digit is considered as the decimal point.
  3. After identifying the decimal point, place the D.P. to the first non-zero digit in the given number.
  4. Now count the exact number of digits that you’ve moved from the decimal point.
  5. Multiply that number with 10 and raise the power of 10 with the number of that digits that have moved.

If the number has moved from right to left, the power will be positive.

And its power will be negative if the number has moved from the left to right.

For example,

Number = 0.0003

Step-1: Identify the decimal point which is lying after four digits from the left side.

Step-2: Now, move the identified decimal point to the first non-zero digit in the given number and this will become 3.

Step-3: Now count the total digits that you’ve moved from the decimal point.

Step-4: Multiply the number with the 10 and raise the power of 10 with the moved decimal digit.

S.F. = 3 x 10-4

So, the standard form of the number 0.0003 is 3 x 10-4.

How students can calculate it easily?

The manual procedure of finding the standard form of a number takes a lot of time and effort as well.

Students can easily calculate it by using multiple standard form calculators.

The main purpose of the S.F. calculator is to convert the given numbers into the standard form simply by replacing the decimal value in the number.

The online converter focuses on converting a long number into an easily readable S.F.

To write in standard form calculator, enter the number into the input box to write in a standard form or scientific E-Notation.

Once the number is entered into the input box of the calculator, it will quickly convert the given number into the standard form within a few seconds.

Users can also reset the given numbers just within a single click on the “Reset” button.

It saves a lot of time for the students from solving the lengthy steps of the equation and provides accurate results within no time.

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