How to Add More Kerb Appeal to Your Home

How to add more kerb appeal to your home

Whether you live on a quaint cul-de-sac or a busy main road, adding kerb appeal to your property could not only increase the value of your home, it will also make you feel proud to call it home.

And now spring is in the air, and the dark winter months are behind us, now is the ideal time to up your home’s kerb appeal with these simple tips – many of which can be done over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Maintain Your Garden

No matter the size of your outdoor space, keeping it nice and tidy will instantly transform your home’s kerb appeal. Trim back any vegetation that’s overhanging walls, gates, paths, or the front door.

Replace or paint any fencing or gates that are looking a little worse for wear. And plant a combination of perennials and annuals for year-round color. Madera arborists for tree care advice is considerably important.

Hide the Bins

It might sound obvious but having black bins on display can be jarring to the eye – and is often the first thing people see. If you don’t have the space to hide your bins down the side of the house, then why not create your own bin store. And if you’re not handy with a hammer and saw, there are plenty of bin stores for sale. Choose wooden ones that can easily blend into their surroundings.

Clear the Drive or Paths

Paving, paths, and even doorsteps can get grubby and slippery over time – especially after the autumn / winter months thanks to dead leaves and excess mud. Use a pressure washer to clean and refresh any large areas of concrete and block paving.

Within a few minutes the surface will return to its original colour and remove unsightly moss and debris.

If you’ve got a smaller space, such as a doorstep or short path, a scrubbing brush and warm water will work just as well.

Once you’ve finished, step back and admire your handy work – you’ll instantly notice the difference it will have on the whole house’s frontage. 

Take care of Windows

Whether you live in a period property or a more modern building, you might find that it’s time to invest in new windows.

A typical house loses 10% of its heat through its windows, so while there’s an initial investment required to update them, you’ll soon start saving money on heating bills, which over time will easily pay off the investment you made.

This is a job you will need to get the professionals in for, so be sure to check your finances before pressing ahead.

Refresh the Door

We all know that first impressions count, but did you know your front door sets the tone for your entire home? And with an average of 19 viewings before a sale is agreed, that’s a lot of great first impressions your home needs to make.

Take the time to think about what you want your house to convey – is it classical, or chic? Modern and minimalist or awash with colour and personality? And it’s not just the colour of the door that’s important, think about the door knocker and the door surround too. 

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