How to Be a Better Student: A Basic Guide

How to Be a Better Student

Dragging your heels when the time comes to study? Wondering where all that academic potential drained away to? You’re definitely not alone.

Once the excitement of a new school year fades away, many students find themselves hunting for new ways to keep up the forward momentum they had back when their classes were just starting. It can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start, but it doesn’t have to be—as long as you have a few simple strategies in your back pocket.

Keep reading for our key tips on how to be a better student.

Ask More Questions

Becoming a better student is all about learning as much as you can, so when you don’t understand something, ask the teacher for help. That’s why they’re in the classroom with you! If you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when asking a question, just remember that other students may be wondering the same thing.

Don’t forget that you can always talk to your teacher outside of class if you don’t want to ask in front of everyone. In addition, if you have a lot of questions and need extra help, a tutor can give you one-on-one support to clarify anything you miss. Are you looking for student accommodation in Bolton to make your student life better contact Orlando Village for best services.

Follow Instructions

When your teacher gives you instructions, guides, and rubrics, follow them.

This may seem like simple knowledge, but you’d be surprised by how many people miss or skip steps in written directions. Following instructions is important for all tasks, but it’s especially important during tests or when submitting graded essays and assignments.

Do More Than the Minimum

When you go above and beyond your teacher’s requirements, you give yourself new opportunities to learn more and to further cement what you’ve learned in your mind.

Do extra research around classroom topics that interest you, practice a few more problems than required for your upcoming test, and always take on any extra credit opportunities.

Set a Routine

It’s easy to throw all of your books in a corner once you get home, but resist the temptation! If you’re going to maintain focus, it helps to start your homework at the same time each day—usually once you get home from school—to allow you to relax once you’ve completed all of your assignments.

In addition, one of the best ways to do better in school is to study often, at the same time each day, even if a test isn’t coming up. When you expose yourself to your notes multiple times, you give yourself a better chance of remembering the information when you need it.

Get Organized

Messy desks, backpacks, and notes can make it hard to focus. If you’re working toward being a good student, make sure to keep your locker, bag, and desk as orderly as possible. Don’t forget to opt for good note-taking strategies to stay organized as well.

In addition, your organization should extend to your computer as well, especially if your school has a focus on digital education. Keep your computer desktop clear, and organize your assignments in folders for easy access.

Know How to Be a Better Student

Ultimately, the best tip for how to be a better student is to keep trying. The effort you put in day after day will help you slowly learn to thrive academically. With a little planning in advance using the tips above, you’ll find your workload growing easier, one step at a time.

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