How to be a Good Leader… To become a Better Chef

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Track to Be Good Leader

Today we want to explain to you how to be a good leader by avoiding the most common mistakes made by bad leaders. First, pay attention to the traits that identify harmful leaders:

They focus more on problems than on solutions

They think they know everything

They are usually not accessible to their teams

They see people as tools and / or machines

They don’t know how to listen

They are suspicious

They never thank

They are self-absorbed

They don’t delegate and don’t let others make decisions

To be a good leader, act by following these six guidelines:

1. Be Humble

If you are a leader, you are also a team leader. Highlight the strengths of your employees rather than their weaknesses. Bring out the best in everyone, express your gratitude for a job well done and thank often. The best way to be humble is to start smiling. Smile at everyone, nothing is worth not doing it.

How to be a Good Leader… To become a Better Chef 1

2. Communicate

Share with others what you are trying to get. Share your goals and objectives. Explain your intentions in a positive way. Remember that bad leaders don’t know how to lead and only pay attention to problems. Do not do the same thing and visualize success. Only by thinking positively, you will succeed in transmitting an attractive and motivating vision to your team.

3. Listen

Unlike bad chefs, a good leader listens to his collaborators. Learn to listen to others and show interest in your team. Ask them what they think, find out what concerns them and respect their professional opinions

regarding the projects that have been launched. Become an auditor of your own team and you will see all the benefits you will get in return.

4. Solicit feedback

The proof that you are on the right track to be an effective leader is demonstrated in your courage when you ask for feedback about yourself. Does not fear criticism, on the contrary, a good leader must know how to surround him with people who are ready to analyze his management? Being ready for censorship and constructive criticism is a sign of strong leadership.

How to be a Good Leader… To become a Better Chef 2

5. Think strategically

Think of your surroundings in a panoramic way to see what others do not see. Learn to go beyond simple tactical details to position your business, and focus on the reasons for the decisions you make.

6. Change the singular to the plural

When you speak, use “we” instead of “I”. Speak in the plural; make others feel fully part of your team. You are a whole, a team of people with common goals. The more we use the “we”, the less we hear the “I”, the link between all is stronger and everyone feels more involved in a project.

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