How to Choose the Best Upholstery for Sofas and Armchairs

How To Choose The Best Upholstery For Sofas And Armchairs

If you know how to choose the best upholstery for sofas and armchairs, you can make it easier for them to be put to better use as time goes by. And it is that, over the years, it is common for our sofas and armchairs to deteriorate, losing both in appearance and functionality.

We, MAISON Furniture, want to give you a series of tips to take into account both when buying an armchair and reupholstering the one we already have at home, in order to maximize its useful life and not lose it over the years.

Factors to consider when choosing sofa and armchair upholstery

Over time it is common for the fabrics of our sofas or armchairs to deteriorate. Because this type of furniture is not eternal: do you know how long a sofa lasts? For this reason, it makes us consider both acquiring a new one, and giving a second life to the one we already have at home, thanks to the possibilities offered by reupholstering.

But before making a decision, we must know all the parties involved in this, in order to choose one that suits our needs and that can last over the years.

In this way, a series of factors will come into play that must be taken into account when choosing the best material.

Fabric Resistance

To measure the degree of resistance of a fabric against external elements, the so-called Martindale test is used. In this way, the more cycles said fabric has, the more resistant it will be. Normally, it will range between 25,000 – 40,000 cycles, although it will depend on the use that is going to be given to the sofa or armchair.


To choose the right texture, in addition to the fact that the fabric is pleasant to the touch, it should be taken into account that it does not deform if we stretch it, in order to avoid future malformations that spoil our fabric.


In this sense, we already explained it to you previously in which fabric is the best for an armchair. Among the main materials with which the fabrics of the armchairs or sofas to be upholstered are cotton or linen, ideal thanks to their resistance and aesthetics, although we also find other materials that we must assess when choosing the ideal fabric for our furniture, such as leather or canvas.

Type of fabric

When we are thinking of acquiring a new armchair or sofa, one of the main elements that we must take into account, as we have mentioned before, is the fabric that will make up the furniture.


Leather is one of the most resistant materials today. Not only that, but it helps you extend the life of your sofa extraordinarily well. Obviously you must be clear about how to care for the sofa, as long as it is treated with care and a series of guidelines are followed.


Thanks to the elegance and distinction it provides, this material is one of the favorites on the market. It is a resistant but expensive material, which can be found at a lower price under the name of chenille (made up of polyester and cotton, among other materials, which imitates the finish of velvet).


Although the first thing we think about when choosing a sofa is aesthetics, there are other components that should prevail in our choice, as we have seen previously.

Once weighed and resolved, we can move on to the colors and patterns. In our store in Valladolid you can choose between different fabrics with which to personalize your sofa, so that you can assess first-hand which fabric you like the most to give that different touch to your sofa or armchair.


Taking into account the use that is going to be given to the sofa and the possible external factors that interact with it, such as food, children or pets, one material or another should also be chosen.

If we want to opt for a sofa whose use is going to be daily and can easily get stained, the best option, without a doubt, is sofas with stain-resistant fabric. In this way, this type of fabric will be able to adapt to your favorite sofa and thus protect it against possible stains.

Once all the above aspects have been assessed, surely you already have something in mind that fits, read more or contact our experts for more suggestions. Whatever your personal style, La Maison has something for you and your house.

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