How to choose Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

On this page you will find a small purchase guide to understand how to choose wireless headphones . If you still have doubts, ask us a question in the box at the bottom of the page.

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When it comes to choosing a pair of wireless headphones , you must first ask yourself what type of connection you want. In fact, there are several types of connection , each with different pros and cons. If you have a modest budget and keep several devices in the same room, it is advisable to opt for infrared wireless headphones : in addition to being cheaper , in fact, they avoid problems of overloading radio waves, not interfering with other devices. Surround sound technology has been popular in headphones now. There are wired and wireless versions of headphones with surround sound, though the most common you’ll find are those featuring Bluetooth for connectivity. There are several wireless headphones available on the market that can be connected via Bluetooth : even in this case there are cheap models, but something is lost in terms of range. If you then intend to go around the house, or in the garden, listening to music with your headphones, you should think of wireless headphones that can be connected via radio frequency : they can also be used at a considerable distance from the transmitter , allowing you greater mobility; they are, however, generally more expensive than the others. There are also wireless headphones that can be connected via infrared rays , a recommended choice for those who do not need to move from their room , due to the limited range they support.


One of the key elements to keep in mind when buying wireless headphones is the range you need. Depending on the model and type of connection , the distance at which you can move without losing the signal varies considerably . As for wireless radio frequency headphones, for example, there is generally talk of about 100m range: with this type of headphones you can safely move around the house, garden or garage. The descriptions of the headphones must be read carefully: some models, in fact, have additional technologies that improve the penetration of sound through walls and floors. If you don’t need a lot of mobility, you could opt for the wireless headphones connectable through Bluetooth and infrared rays: the quality of the connection is excellent, but it gives the possibility to move only a few meters from the connected device.


The power supply of the wireless headphones can generally be two tpi: with rechargeable batteries or with an internal battery. 

If you frequently use headphones, even many hours a day, it is advisable to purchase a model that has the possibility of replacing the batteries. In fact, if they contain a battery inside, it makes recharging necessary. The duration of this recharge varies according to the model, but is normally around 20 hours.


Even the eye wants its part. Wireless headphones, by their nature, are almost always quite large and bulky. Not to mention the base, which sometimes takes up a lot of space. For this reason, it is advisable to choose wireless headphones also considering the design of the place where they will be stored. Natulmente on the market we find different solutions: the most popular color is gray / black, although there are numerous international brands that produce white wireless headphones, or even other colors.

The best wireless headphones

To avoid reading all our reviews, we at cuffie have created a special section with the best wireless headphones . Take a look at it, we update it periodically and you can find them the best wireless headphones that we reviewed during our tests!

Useful tips

  • Pay attention to the shape of the pavilions: try to buy the model that best suits the line of your head
  • Choose the most suitable model according to the use you make of it: in our reviews you can read if the headphones we are talking about are better for music, gaming, movies or other
  • Choose your budget before you start looking: in fact there are many models on the market and the price ranges vary significantly

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