How to Create a Calming Home for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

How To Create A Calming Home For A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder 1

When you have a child who has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, it can feel like there is a mountain of things you need to do as a parent to keep them feeling safe and secure. 

When it comes to managing their stress responses to the world outside your home, this can certainly be challenging.However, in the home, you can endeavor to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are some examples of furniture you can purchase to help them to manage their symptoms.

Bean Bag Chairs

Who doesn’t love a bean bag chair? In recent years, more parents of children who have autism spectrum disorder have reported that this style of seat has helped to reduce sensory and pressure issues that children with autism may have when sitting down, so it is well worth looking into this type of chair for their favorite room. Why not get a large bean bag chair, which is also known as a Lovesac bean bag?

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are fantastic for children with autism spectrumdisorder, as they allow them to release anxiety and help them to focus. This can be extremely beneficial if you have a child who head-bangs or picks at their skin to cope with overwhelming emotions. Just be sure that any fabric-based sensory toys can be washed and dried without becoming damaged.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have boomed in popularity in recent years as a tool to ease anxiety in those with mental health issues, but they also benefit children who have autism spectrum disorder.Be sure that the blanket weight that you choose is appropriate for your child, as you don’t want them to feel stuck. If you are struggling to find an affordable weighted blanket, you can even opt to make one yourself, by filling a duvet with uncooked rice or pearl barley. Just be sure to sew up the ends properly and make sure the duvet can be sponged clean.

Light Blocking Curtains

Children who have autism spectrum disorder often have problems getting to sleep, which leads to fatigue, and to a higher chance of them having a meltdown. However, you can help them get the sleep they need by hanging light-blocking curtains or blinds. This will allow you to also take better control of their sleeping and napping routine, which will help them to feel safer.

Indoor Tent or Tee Pee

There is a history of children who have complications with sensory overload hiding in closets, under the stairs, or under their beds to cope. 

This no longer needs to be the case, as you can help your child to feel safe with an indoor tent or Tee Pee. This can be a permanent feature of your living room or their bedroom and can provide them with somewhere to hide when they feel overstimulated. Make sure it is in a quiet area, so they will not be disturbed by foot traffic or sounds of actual traffic outside. Allow them to close it from the inside if they want to and be sure to fill it with some toys that can calm them down when they feel stressed.

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