How to Enforce Corporate Clothing Policies


Corporate clothing and uniforms in the workplace used to be the standard in America. However, in recent years standards have seriously slipped. Now only 28% of people were formal work attire or uniforms at work!

A dress code can help to make your business look more professional and keep your staff focused in the workplace. It can also help to promote your brand. However, for this to work, you have to enforce it successfully. 

Not sure how to start putting your corporate clothing dress code into action? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out our top tips for enforcing a dress code in your workplace.

Create Clear Corporate Clothing Guidelines

If you want to enforce a dress code in your office, you need to create clear guidelines for your employees. This helps people understand your rules and gives them fewer opportunities to dodge the dress code.

Your guidelines should include: 

  • Details of formal attire or uniforms that are required for work
  • A list of casual clothes that are banned in the workplace 
  • Rules for accessories, shoes, and jewelry

If you have a work uniform, different staff members may wear custom corporate apparel to suit their position. In that case, you need to outline the uniform for each position in your business. This will avoid confusion among your staff.

Promote the Benefits of Your Dress Code 

Promoting your brand consistently can increase your revenue by 23% and branded cloth ing can help with this! However, this might not be a priority for all of your employees. Because of this, make sure to promote the other benefits of your dress code, such as:

  • Creating a sense of community among your staff 
  • Allowing your employees to differentiate between home and work in their wardrobe
  • Helping your customers identify employees

Helping employees understand the importance of a dress code will make it easier to get their support for it.

Lead By Example 

If you want your employees to get on board with a dress code in work then you should lead by example. This means that you should also meet all of the dress code guidelines while at work. 

If your employees wear a uniform in the workplace, this might not be appropriate for the boss or manager. However, you should still dress smartly to show them that you take your presentation seriously.

Make Sure Everyone Has the Right Work Attire 

If your staff need to wear a uniform in the workplace, you must provide this free of charge. You should also have a range of spare uniforms available in your office. That way, if someone fails to wear the proper clothing or needs to change, you will be able to enforce this. 

You should also be open to questions, concerns, or suggestions about workplace attire. Engaging your staff in an open dialogue can help to get them on board with your new guidelines.

Promote Your Business With Professional Clothing 

Using professional clothing in your business helps to define your brand. Corporate clothing also makes your business look more professional. Keep these top tips in mind to help enforce a dress code in your business today.

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