How to face a job interview: 10 golden tips

How to face a job interview: 10 golden tips 1

How to face a job interview: 10 golden tips< /b>

To get a job, or even an internship, it is necessary to face at least one individual job interview. It is therefore important to understand how to face a job interview, focusing on previous work experiences and on the school profile and personal skills. In this way you can bring out a positive coherence between you and the company, not only technically, but also on a personal and value level. The job interview is not a challenge, but the opportunity for a positive exchange of information: the recruiter must be able to acquire the greatest number of details about you and, at the same time, must be able to give about the open position and the company, and vice versa.

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Our ten tips on how to face a job interview:

  1. The look must be appropriate for the company where you are interviewing. Follow our advice on how to dress for a job interview,
  2. Punctuality is fundamental and it is important to show up no more than a quarter of an hour in advance.
  3. It is important to be informed about company activities: there is nothing worse than being completely unprepared! Before the interview, gather information and take cues from multiple sources (company website, social networks, news, etc.), you will increase the probability of being informed if you are asked questions about the company account, and it is another way of showing you  interested and motivated.
  4. Talk about your study path and deepen your thesis speech because it highlights a substantial work done.
  5. Talk about internships and / or past jobs: people who get busy are highly appreciated by recruiters! Tell us, weather permitting, all the work activities carried out, sometimes, even those that may seem superfluous and of little consequence, say a lot about you.
  6. Highlight your motivation to work for the company you are interviewing: express your interest in the business activities and the work you should do. The absence of motivation is one of the main causes of the unsuccessful interviews, so pay attention to what you say and how you say it.
  7. Report your interest in the study and constant updating: it will be in your favor to highlight your desire to become an expert in the sector for which you are applying.
  8. Flexibility is a must! The world of work requires adaptability and being available and ready to change the duties in the company, working hours, to work overtime, and anything else, is a point in its favor.
  9. When you have the opportunity, ask the recruiter questions and try to deepen the practical aspects of the work to be done, so as to show you really interested in analyzing what is required. Here, avoid asking questions about wages, reimbursement of expenses, etc.: focus on the job.
  10. Finally, when you take leave of the recruiter, don’t forget to thank him for the time.

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