How to Find a Scrap Yard Near You

How to Find a Scrap Yard Near You

Finding a new scrap yard is a whole new struggle. But, if you finally made your mind to scrap your car and emotionally you have prepared yourself to say goodbye to your old wrecked car, then the following process is to how to scrap my car? And how to find a scrapyard near me. Here are a few ways to find nearby scrap yards.

Every homeowner desired to scrap the car for cash. And it’s good to get some money in return for the significant investments you have invested while buying this car. So, there are different methods to find a scrap yard to scrap your vehicle near you.

In this article, we will discuss different methods used to find the scrapyard lets begin with the techniques.

Google Search

Searching on Google is always a good, easy, convenient, and reliable method to search for anything. Suppose you are in search of a good scrapyard. In that case, google will solve your problem all you have to type on google that “scrap yard near me” at the search bar, press or hit the search option. You’ll get a map that appeared at the top of the search engine results. You can also enable a current location to google so that google will show multiple options of scrapyard near your site along with the yard’s phone number. You can read reviews to choose the best scrapyard.

You can use to find a scrapyard near your location. It’s effortless to see through it. First, you have to enter the words like scrap yard into the search bar and select your city. After this, it will display many results on your screen that you can choose as per your choice. Don’t forget to read the reviews of different junkyards. You’ll get a list of yards with phone numbers, addresses, reviews, and even directions.

iScrap App

thirdly, we have the iScrap app, a highly recommended and used app for finding the local scrap yards in your location very quickly and excitingly. Moreover, it also displays other information you can also use to know the current scrap metal prices. The information or data is updated in daily routines so that you can get them quickly.

But here is the turnover, it is not easy to check your work quickly on the iScrap apps. You have to download them with your phone number, and you have to make subscriptions.


If you are not interested in earning money by selling your car and get rid of it for free, then you can also check the services of craigslist. They provide scrap metal services in all cities. You can find ads or search for the app to find assistance. Then you have to add important information like which city you are rendering the services. Then enter the term “scrap metal” into the search bar. You will get multiple options but remember you are selling it for free.

Online Directories

That’s the best option to find the nearby scrap yards through online directories online. So, for your convenience, here are some options.

  • Junk Yard Dog

Last Thought

If you are eagerly thinking about where to scrap my today, I hope I have mentioned all the possible and successful methods used to find and sell your old car.

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