How to find best Company Formation Agent in London

How To Find Best Company Formation Agent In London 1

How to find best Company Formation Agent in London

Before starting your business, you need to know the steps to follow. We want you to know each one of them so that you have a guide on how to create a company in 5 simple steps.

You must remember that before this stage, you must define some critical aspects of your venture. The type of Company that you are going to establish, the line of business you are going to dedicate to, the name of the Company, your Business Plan, etc. Once these aspects are defined, you can start the formal procedure.

These are the steps to follow:

Drafting and legalization of the public deed and extract

At this stage, you should be clear about the corporate structure that you are going to use for your SME. In our country, there are these options: Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL), Stock Company (SpA), Public Limited Company (SA), Limited Company (Ltda), Limited Company, and Limited Companies.

Also, in the deed, it will be necessary to establish: the line of business, the partners that make up the Company, the capital contributions of each one, how the profits and losses will be distributed.

After the deed is registered, there are 60 days to publish an extract of the act in the Official Gazette that can be done by the Legal Representative or by a Partner.

Having some copies of the publication will serve as support for the legality of the Company and subsequent procedures. This procedure must also be carried out within 60 days after the deed is legalized.

Registration is done at the HRMC, corresponding to the address established by the Company. The partners or the legal representative must do this.This process takes between 3 to 7 business days.

Start of activities before the Internal Revenue Service

The initiation of activities is a sworn statement that is formalized before the Internal Revenue Service; with this, it is understood that any type of business or work that could generate taxes on first or second category income was started.The deadline to start before activities are two months.


With all the documents generated up to this point, a file is created, of which a copy is kept in the same notary office. Although this last step is not mandatory, it will be useful when you need a document.

Going Live and Social

When you create a website, make the content can be shared. It’s great to give leaders your page as a reference, but when you’re developing your brand, it’s essential to create unique content on a site that your readers and users can visit.

Create a list. Email is a great way to publicize your business, so you should make a contact list. While building a shareable site, make a list of emails that visit it. Give these people a specific value so that later they become buyers when you launch your product or service. Add a part on the page to subscribe and have a complete mailing list.

Launch a product or service that you can sell. If you have a business target that you must do in the next coming days, so start your business as soon as possible. Take your time to find out what challenges your audience faces. Then create something that solves that problem. We know that it is essential and easy to do.

Start soon

Start as soon as possible and improve as you go. Many people waste time thinking about doing perfect things before launching their business. Sell ​​your product before you make it so people can place their orders. Focus on obtaining sales and attracting potential customers. Effective businesses are not good at the first attempt but later they will become.

Think about Facebook and all the changes and improvements it has had. Start with a small business and gradually take it to next level. Launch it online and sell it over and over again without wasting your time. Mint Accountax provides every service you need for company formation services in London. Feel free to contact us at our given numbers.

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