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What kinds of manicures are popular and the latest trends in Nail Fashion, so that you can have celebrity hands.

When we speak about appearance we still prefer to think about the heads. We are committed to looking for the right creams for our skin, picking the cosmetics that most highlights our beauty or frequently heading to the hairdresser to get good, well-groomed hair. What is happening with the rest of the body? We think about it several times and there are places of similar significance on our ears.

That’s the case with the paws, they’re still our introductory letter and we got them lost in the past. That’s why we wanted to send them their rightful place at ZOBUZ today and enter the manicure fever with the 10 important tips we need to take into account in order to show off beautiful nails.


FIRST TIP: scraping the remnants of the previous enamel is the first thing to do; using the correct drug to cover the Nails.

SECOND TIP: The hands must be exfoliated once a week. Insist on the roughest places, and then hydrate the skin as much as possible on your palms.

THIRD TIP: Don’t cut the cuticles or skin around the finger: resist the urge to use the cutter and use a dead skin softening gel either, which can help you smash it with a stick to extract it from the hair.

FOURTH TIP: add a bit of oil and file softly with a skin file in case the skin on the nail side becomes really thickened and stiff. Doing that should eliminate excess dry skin and avoid stepparents from forming.

FIFTH TIP: strive not to bite your hair, file them first. Don’t assume all the files are the same, you can choose either one or the other depending on the condition or form of nail you have. Using a finer grain file (between 280 and 360), the more porous the nail becomes.

SIXTH TIP: never file your nails while they’re dirty, since at that moment they’re more delicate. Often file them dry and in the same direction, as the moving back and forth of the file can allow the leaves that make up the nail to fall off and the nail to break in layers.

SEVENTH TIP: Degrease the nail well with a particular cleaner before adding cosmetics to the hair. This basic gesture can prolong your glazing for another couple of days.

EIGHTH TIP: apply a protective base always before the enamel. Thanks to this step you will protect the nail with the use of lacquer and prevent it from yellowing. Often use the most suitable base for your Nail style. Do not neglect to finish the enamel with a coat of shimmer, this magic touch will extend your manicure’s existence and maximize the beauty and color.

NINTH TIP: You must seal well every layer of product you use at the edge of the nail. And note to finish on the bottom when you use the rim, or the enamel, or the shimmer to keep the enamel from peeling off quickly.

TENTH TIP: Using thin layers because they cure quicker so you are less prone to damage the enamel. For every coat the minimum you have to wait is one minute to remove. What do you do when you’re in a hurry? Use drying sprays which accelerate drying


With all previous apparel movements it has entered social networks for the first time. Pinterest, Instagram, and twiter were loaded with photos of what should be identified as oddly shaped nails by every person.

And specialists in the world of esthetics, art instructors, designers, popular musicians and major companies came together to see the promise of this modern artistic language. Young people and not so young-express their own understanding of “Nail Art” every day creating the most innovative and imaginative concepts.

Nail Art is a manicure phenomenon that started in New York and soon spread around the globe to design bloggers and celebrities. While trendy in the 80s, its present return is followed by playful, creative initiatives and, of course, full-color nails!


All sorts of designs are available, and for all tastes. We may find motifs alluding to Star Trek or your favorite animal’s profile, from basic lines or points. There are even sculptures by photographers like Piet Mondrian, company names like Louis Vuitton, neon lamps, natural materials and much more. Festivals are organized in the United States where pieces of art on tiny canvases to be placed on the nails are displayed.

The outcome in the non-virtual environment is a rise of 43 per cent in the selling of nail polishes that leaves behind their great rivalry.

The skill of the beautician has historically been a crucial element, as Nail Art was created with delicate paints, colorful enamels, and tiny ornaments. Nowadays, placing your hands within a tiny printer is enough, and every concept is printed in 20 minutes. This is the case with modern ArtPro Nails printers, which are built for beauty salons who want to use such techniques.

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