How to Have a Healthy Marriage: 6 Relationship Tips

How to Have a Healthy Marriage

Marriage is a special union between two people who become one. Finding your forever person is a moment to hold close to your heart. You both walked down the aisle, said your vows, and exchanged rings.

From that moment on there’s only happiness, right? Not so much. No marriage is perfect, and you shouldn’t go into your own believing it’ll only be happy moments. 

Knowing how to have a healthy marriage means understanding that all marriages take work. No marriage is pure happiness all the time. There will be many trying times, but what makes a marriage last is knowing how to handle the difficult times and overcome them together as one. 

If you’re looking for a few relationship tips and different methods for how to stay married and happy, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping a happy marriage!

1. Discuss All Lifestyle Changes

Over time, it’s common for people to make changes in their life. Maybe you or your partner want to start eating healthy, going to the gym, and being more active. Maybe one of you wants to start working fewer hours and spend more time traveling. 

Whatever the lifestyle changes are, it’s important to discuss them with one another. Even if someone isn’t on board with the changes being made, they should still be supportive. Not all lifestyle changes must be made by both people in a marriage. 

For example, if your partner wants to start living a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t want to change your diet, then at least be supportive. Encourage them to meet their own goals and help them when possible. Eventually, you might find the two of you landing on the same page about these changes. 

2. Actively Listen

Active listening is when you’re listening to what someone’s saying without trying to think of your response. You’re taking in every word being said. You’re understanding how the other person feels and where they’re coming from.

You’re not preparing your own reaction or thinking of the next thing you want to say yourself. This is active listening. It’s important for both people in a marriage to learn how to actively listen, because it’s the best way to ensure both people are being heard and understood. 

While actively listening, if there’s something you don’t understand, then be sure to ask the other person to clarify. 

3. See a Therapist if Needed 

It’s time to erase the negative stigma attached to seeking therapy, whether it’s couples counseling or individual counseling. Everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist. There’s no harm in sitting down with a professional even if it’s solely to vent. 

A therapist will have different resources, tools, and advice to share with you and your partner to maintain a healthy relationship. There’s much to learn, and you may end up benefiting from it more than you thought. When an argument arises, and the two of you can’t come to an agreement, wait until therapy day and discuss it together with your therapist. 

They’re great mediators! 

4. Keep the Flame Alive

We all know how much spark is there on the wedding day and during the honeymoon. How long will that spark last, though? Do you and your partner still have a spark between you? 

Keeping the flame alive is another essential part of maintaining a happy marriage. Sit down with your partner and come up with some new date night ideas, new places to visit together, or fun new things to try. What were some things the two of you used to enjoy doing with one another before marriage or shortly after?

Go on a second honeymoon, revisit your first date spot, and spice things up in the bedroom. These are all great ways to ensure you keep the flame alive. 

5. Embrace Patience and Forgiveness

You must go into your marriage with the understanding that people make mistakes. You and your partner will both make mistakes along the way. What’s most important is that you always learn from them. 

Because of this, it’s essential to embrace both patience and forgiveness. Be patient with one another. Understand you’re both humans. 

Be prepared to accept your partner for their flaws and forgive them. As long as changes are being made to correct issues and make progress, it’s all a part of the learning process. 

6. Come to Agreements 

There will be some difficult topics that need to be discussed. At times, a pre nup (prenuptial agreement) or a post nup (postnuptial agreement) might be a good idea. A pre nup is an agreement that takes place before marriage. 

A post nup is an agreement that takes place after the marriage. Both agreements put into writing what both parties come to an agreement on about certain topics if a divorce were to take place. For example, after a divorce, who will get the house? 

Will you sell the house and split the selling price? These are things you’ll want to discuss.

How can these agreements help a marriage? Coming to an agreement about these topics while married may help take some pressure off one or both individuals about certain topics. There will be no need to stress since everything will be put into writing. 

Looking for More Ways How to Have a Healthy Marriage? 

Maintaining a healthy marriage isn’t always as easy as some make it seem. With marriage comes many challenges you must be ready to overcome together. If you’re wondering how to have a healthy marriage, be sure to keep these helpful tips handy. 

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