How to Keep Cannabis Seeds in Good Condition

How To Keep Cannabis Seeds In Good Condition

High-quality seeds produce excellent cannabis. While cannabis seeds are durable, the grower must store them properly. Prior to germination, seeds exist in a state much like that seen with animals in hibernation. They die when the grower doesn’t care for them properly. However, when stored correctly, the seeds last for five years after harvest. How should a grower preserve the seeds? 

Lighting Conditions

Cannabis seeds come with their genetic code inside the shell, and this code determines the type of cannabis grown. Bright light harms the seeds, so store them in lightproof, sealable containers. While the shell protects this genetic code from light, seeds in nature remain hidden under a light soil covering. They aren’t capable of handling intense light. Many growers store their needs in the refrigerator in a humidity-proof container. However, when purchasing from a marijuana seed store, ask how the sellers recommend storing seeds. The store owners or employees knows how to protect the seeds from harm. 

Humidity Levels

Keep cannabis seeds at the appropriate humidity level during storage. When the humidity level drops below eight percent, the seeds will attract pests. If the humidity level is between nine and 20 percent, the seeds will sweat. This puts the seeds at risk of developing fungi. Try to keep the seeds in a place where humidity levels remain between 21 and 30 percent. If the humidity goes above 30 percent, the seeds may germinate. The risk increases when the humidity level is above 40 percent. Never let the humidity level go above 60 percent, as the seeds could rot or die. Georgia Pie seeds are amazing, the Georgia Pie strain is making waves in the cannabis industry and this is your chance to get in on the hype!

The Temperature

When storing cannabis seeds, pay attention to the temperature. Seed life extends when you keep the seeds at low temperatures, as this slows cellular biochemistry. Just as food lasts longer when stored in a refrigerator, seeds last longer when stored at a low temperature. Experienced growers recommend keeping the seeds at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this doesn’t mean the seeds will die if you store them at 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds kept at 39 degrees, however, will last longer. Another option involves storing the seeds in a freezer. Growers must take care when using this option, as the frozen tissues may shatter if you mishandle or shake the seeds. Only use this method if you plan to store the seeds for decades. 

Storage Containers

Many containers are appropriate for cannabis seed storage. Some growers use glass jars and wrap the jars with an opaque cloth to keep light out. Paper envelopes are ideal for short-term storage, while some people choose to use vacuum-sealed bags to store their seeds for an extended period. Mylar envelopes and a storage pot with an airtight lid are two additional options. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each when determining which container best meets your needs. 

Storage Considerations

When storing seeds in a refrigerator, put them in a crush-proof container. This ensures they won’t sustain harm if someone accidentally puts something on top of the container. Keep the area clean so pests don’t get to the seeds, and date each package. This allows you to use the oldest seeds first if you plan to store seeds from each harvest. 

Countless growers choose to purchase seeds and store them for future use. They want to ensure they have a supply in the future. Doing so also helps to keep costs low. Use the above tips when storing these seeds to ensure they germinate when you are ready to use them. If you have any questions, ask the seed bank where you purchased the seeds. They will answer questions about seed storage and more. 

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