How to Know your Audience and Drive Results on Instagram

How to Know your Audience and Drive Results on Instagram 1

Businesses have different goals on Instagram, such as finding new customers, creating an active community, or increasing sales. Regardless of what your goals are, learn about metrics that can help you track progress using Instagram insights. Here are some sample goals and metrics you can use to track progress. If you do not know what a metric means in your statistics, tap in each category to learn more about the data that that metric records.

If your goal is to increase brand awareness, select metrics such as profile views, impressions, reach, and followers (which can be found in the “Content” or “Activity” tabs), as well as the number of followers per day or week ( found in the “Public” tab). These metrics allow you to track the number of people viewing your profile, your posts, and your stories. You can also tap “View Stats” on a specific post to see where people are discovering your posts, either from hashtags, at the start, or on your profile.

If your goal is to connect with your community , select metrics that measure the interaction of your content, such as likes, shared content, comments and saved content, which can be found in the “Content” tab of the statistics. These metrics allow you to track how people interact with your photos and videos. In addition, you can also check in detail metrics such as emails, text messages or calls to know what is the preferred method of people to communicate with your company.

How to Know your Audience and Drive Results on Instagram 2

If your goal is to increase sales, you can select a metric such as website clicks, specifically the link in your bio. You can also track specific metrics for your purchase posts, such as outbound clicks and times the product was opened. These metrics allow you to see if people visit your website and what products interest them the most.

In the “Public” tab of the statistics, you can get information about the cities and countries where the majority of your followers are, their age ranges and gender. Use this information to determine if your Instagram audience matches your customers. Therefore, you can find more people through Instagram follower tracker to your current customers.

Now that you know which metrics, you want to prioritize, be sure to track them over time. Do not be discouraged if you see, the numbers fluctuate. Focus on growing over time, like a few weeks or a month. Modify your goals as your account continues to grow.

Try to identify patterns in your photos and videos to determine which ones perform the best, especially in the metrics relevant to your business goals. For example, if your goal is to connect with your community, fined the photos and videos that generate the most engagement by looking at metrics like likes, saved content, and shared content. Once you have identified trends in your top performing posts and stories, integrate them into the photos and videos you create to tailor them specifically to your community. Remember to try some content tips, such as creating fun and interactive stories and writing texts that invite you to continue reading.

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