How To Make Vinyl Decals

Make Vinyl Decals

If you are looking for the detailed guide regarding making vinyl stickers, you are absolutely at the right place. Printing vinyl stickers at home was never easier. But the trend has changed now. Thanks to the technology, you can now easily make stickers at your home by using tools and following simple steps we mentioned in this post.

But before you read more, make sure that you have the right printer for vinyl stickers because it is one of the most important components you need. With that said, let’s get started.

What is Printable Vinyl?

To me, understanding the printable vinyl was once a hard nut to crack but now it’s the easiest thing to understand. There is nothing difficult in it.

Most probably, you know a way to print on paper with a printer. Similarly, you can print on vinyl

Now coming towards regular vinyl? So let’s know why it does not work.

If you make prints on a regular vinyl, you won’t get the professional looking vinyl. And the output will look horrible.

On the other hand, painstakingly consisting of six different colors of vinyl can be made on transfer tape. As a result, you will see a print that will look amazing, however, the process of weeding and transferring is a bit difficult.

So if you want to make stunning decals and without doing much effort. Then you can use printable vinyl. And it has a special coating on its one side that can be printed on accurately. The final product also looks good.

Another benefit worth mentioning is you don’t need to cut out vinyls decals in order to make them visible. So there is no longer need of weeding, transfer tape, and layering. Isn’t this amazing news?

With the help of printable vinyl, it is possible to make detailed, clear, and high-resolution output which is less likely to be possible in case of regular vinyl.

If you have a vinyl cutter then you can unlimited number of stickers without doing much effort. You are capable of making high quantities in a short time. It becomes an ideal scenario for businesses.

Unlike regular vinyl, printable vinyl can be made waterproof by adding a layer of vinyl on the top.

What Supplies are Required?

Making decals is simple and easy to do at home if you have the following supplies for making your stickers:

  • An inkjet printer
  • A cutting machine
  • Design software
  • Printable vinyl
  • Clear vinyl laminate
  • Cutting mat
  • Application tool

How to Make Stickers

Step 1: Prepare & Print

Once you have a software and you are familiar with it then you are eligible to do it yourself.

Although there are many ways by which you can prepare and print a decal. With the help of a photo editing software, cutting a design by hand is no longer harder. Simply send the project to your printer

We recommend using printable vinyl and dedicated inkjet printers.

Step 2: Applying the Laminate

Applying a clear vinyl laminate is also better. It is crucial if you are going to make outside stickers because it improves longevity of the final product. Also, you can conveniently wash the laminate finish.

However, It’s a bit of a time taking process but it really worth it to extend the life of decals. And if you are doing it for the very first time, do practice some tests.

Moving forward, you should peel a little of the backing off. Once you are finished, line it up with the straight edge. Now slowly pull your laminate sheet down with the help of a tool while pulling away from the backing as you go.

Step 3: Final Cutting

By now you have decals and may worry about cutting them out. Here it is! So if you are doing it with your hands then ensure that you have a craft scissors and or a craft knife. And if you have a cutting machine maker then read its manual once before you start.

Step 4: Checking Smoothness

Always make sure to check that the surface is smooth, clean, and dry. The next thing you must check is that your decal is ready to go and the orientation is set properly. Otherwise, a wrong orientation of decal can result in some damage or loss.

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