How to Paint RV Cabinets the Best Way

How To Paint Rv Cabinets The Best Way

An RV will never pass for a home. However, painting your RV cabinets can go a long way in making it a lot more comfortable. One reason for this is the inside of your RV will become brighter as soon as it is painted and you will not be in a haste to get out of it.

You might feel a little overwhelmed if you repaint the entire interior walls of your RV. You, however, will be able to cope very well with just painting the cabinets.

Do you have any plans of making your RV look better by painting the cabinets in the bathroom, the living area, and the kitchen? If yes, the tips below will help you do so effortlessly.

Take Out the Doors, Hardware, and Drawers

The first thing you need to do when looking to paint the cabinet in your RV is to take out the drawers, hardware, and cabinet doors. The reason for this is you will put in less effort in painting these items when you do not have them attached to the cabinet. Furthermore, when the sites are not connected to the cabinet, it becomes easy to paint the cabinet.

As soon as you take out the drawers and doors, you will get a good job done if you move these items to a huge space like a garage. This way, setting up a painting workshop and getting the job done will be easy. If you have a space that is big enough to get all you need to paint kept in a single area, then, you should take advantage of this. If not, you will simply have to work in batches

Ensure you prepare a flat platform where you can keep cabinet doors when they are being painted. Furthermore, if you take any piece off your cabinet, ensure you label it. This way, when you begin fitting things together, you will go through a struggle to get things right.

Take Away the Shine

To get started with painting your RV cabinet, take off the slippery shine already on it. This is important as the slippery shine prevents the paint from sticking to whatever surface you are looking to paint.

To take off the shine, you can use a chemical like TSP. If you decide to use this chemical, you will need to protect yourself by wearing gloves and protective eyewear.

Free Your Cabinets from Grease

It will be impossible to get the right results from painting your RV cabinet with debris, splashes, and grease on them. This step might not seem like an important step, it, however, is vital because kitchen and bathroom cabinets are associated with splash.

To get cabinets free from grease and debris, you can use rubbing alcohol. This will always come with a strong odor. You, therefore, will need to keep the windows open for a long time to prevent any side effects that might arise from its strong odor.

Make Use of Frog Tape

If you must embark on a painting project and do things the right way, you should always have a frog tape handy. RV cabinet painting is not any different. Frog tapes can be taken off very easily and can help you handle the challenge of running paint. To avoid rolling on the wall while painting your RV cabinet, you should always purchase the wider tape.

That’s not all, If there are windows close to your RV cabinet, you might want to keep the glass protected by covering it with painter’s paper.

Select the Right Paint

Not all paints are good for painting your RV cabinet. You, therefore, will need to use the right paint if you must get the right result. You should note that the paint that is ideal for doors might not be good for your cabinet. You, therefore, will need a great deal of research to do this the right way.

Prepare Properly

If you must paint your RV cabinets the right way, you will have to prepare properly. The thing you need to do while preparing is to ensure your drawers, doors, and cabinet are free from dirt.

When looking to free your doors, cabinets and drawers of dirt, you can make use Krud Kutter. As soon as you are done with this, the next thing you need to do is take the cabinets through sanding. With sanding old gloss can be taken off. This way the new paint will not struggle to stick to the surface of your cabinet. Sanding can be executed very easily with the use of an electric sander.


This is the point everyone that wants to give their cabinet a new appearance look up to. If you make use of a brush entirely, you might have to deal with brush strokes. So, to ensure there are no brush strokes, make use of a roller on the drawers, cabinet frames, and doors. A roller might be good, you, however, will do much better with a paint spray gun.

When paining around cabinet frames, you will get better results if you make use of a small brush, you should also make use of very little paint as this will help you avoid drips. While at this, you will have to take your time and allow the paint to settle on the surface before adding an extra layer.

The Finishing

After giving your final coat time to cure, the next thing you need to do is the get your masterpiece in place. It takes a couple of days for curing to occur. You, therefore, will need to be very patient.

 As soon as the paint gets hard, you should go ahead and reapply hardware. You might also need to use felt pads to prevent the chipping of paints associated with banging cabinet door.

The process involved in painting you’re an RV cabinet is one that lots of people consider to be complicated and tedious. Regardless of how complex it might seem, it is usually worth the time and effort. While painting, you can personalize your hardware and make it into a style you are comfortable with.

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