How to Play Dragon Tiger at a Casino Online

Dragon Tiger

Are you new to gaming and have been wondering what Dragon Tiger is all about? Or are you a professional that wants to try out slots free spins and doesn’t know how? Then this is the right piece for you. Continue reading this How To, to get all the juicy details.

Dragon Tiger Rule

The simplicity of this game has made it one of the popular casino games. Originated in Cambodia, now a household name in several parts of the UK and around the globe. Just like every other casino game Dragon Tiger has its own unique rules.

  1. To play the game of Dragon Tiger, you start by dealing with two cards. The first to the dragon’s betting position and the other to the tiger betting position. The winner is determined by who gets the higher card. Either of the two positions that get the higher card is the winner.
  2. In a situation where the game results in a tie, the stake of the player on either the dragon or tiger side is lost by 50 percent.
  3. In Dragon Tiger, the lowest ranking cards are the aces, while the other cards follow their natural value. 2 is the next lowest card, while the king is the highest card.

Side bets

It is possible to place some side bets for each game. Examples of such side bets are highlighted below. Side bets are not the same as the bet of the main game; you can bet on a tiger main bet and bet on a dragon side bet and vice versa, depending on your choice.

  • In a case where a 7 occurs, all even/odd bets are lost. This is because 7 is not included in the dragon/Tiger odd/even bets.
  • 2 4 6 8 10 Q are the betting positions for the winning cards, the Dragon even, and the Tiger even.
  • The Dragon big and the Tiger big bet wins if an eight or a higher is dealt with the corresponding main position. In the case of 7 or lower, it is a loss.
  • For the Dragon odd and the Tiger odd, the betting positions are A, 3, 5, 9 J, Q.

Games’ Return to Player

We are all aware of how the Return to Player is about how much a machine pays back concerning what it receives.

  • In Dragon Tiger, the return to players is different. The RTP is determined by the type of bet placed.
  • Dragon/Tiger: If the bets placed are on dragon or tiger, the return to the player is 96.27%
  • Tie: If the game ends up in a tie, the return to the player is 82.17%.
  • Side bets: in the case of a side bet, the Return to Player is 92.31%.


The Dragon Tiger Casino game is an interesting one that has its technicalities and rules. Just understand its simple rules, and you can start making some cool cash when wagering on it.

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