How to Start Dressing Better and Look Put Together All the Time


Studies show that what you wear has a physical effect on how well you perform socially and professionally. Dressing not for the job you want, but as the person you want to be, can have a real impact on your life.

So how do you start dressing better? Is it expensive? Do you have to become an expert on haute couture to start feeling confident?

Thankfully, no. You don’t have to be the dernier cri to feel good about yourself. It’s more about knowing yourself than knowing the fashion world.

Let’s take a quick jaunt through your wardrobe and learn how to start dressing better.

A Splash of Color

One of the most basic fashion crimes that everyone commits is under-confidence. Too often, people opt for clothes and accessories that are bland and uninspiring for fear of ‘calling attention’ to themselves.

Paradoxically, you’ll end up feeling less confident in these dull clothes that don’t represent you than you would in that  ‘garish’ sweater you actually like.

If you want to know how to dress better, start with one rule: if you feel good in it, you’ll look good in it. Don’t be afraid to dress in bright colors you love. You could even experiment with jewelry if you don’t normally wear it; read more on that over here.

Bin Stuff

As the great Marie Kondo (kind of) says: if you don’t like it, bin it. Over the years, you’ve accumulated all sorts of clothes you don’t love. Either you don’t wear it and it sucks up closet space, or you do wear it and you make the mistake of dressing in stuff you don’t feel good about.

So get rid of it! Well, don’t actually ‘bin’ it. Take it to a charity store so someone who would love it gets a shot at wearing it.

After all, it’s better to have a tiny closet full of stuff you’re crazy about than a massive arsenal of clothing you’re ‘meh’ about. And the great thing is, it will spur you to go out and pick up replacements you do like.

Make Sure It Fits

All bodies are different, and even stuff that’s your size might not sit right on your frame. Make sure you’re wearing stuff that works with you. Pay attention to how collars fit around your neck and where the stitching on the shoulders falls.

Because while something might be comfortable, it can still fit awkwardly. It’s a matter of how the cut of the fabric works with your body.

How to Start Dressing Better? You Already Know

There you have it. We got to the end of a ‘How to start dressing better’ article without a single designer brand name being mentioned. That’s because looking and feeling good is much more about understanding yourself and your body than it is about understanding the world of high fashion.

And thank goodness for that.

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