How to treat sunburned scalp

How to treat sunburned scalp

Sunburn is a common phenomenon that affects about 42 percent of the population each year. Although popular, when you get sunburn more than five times in your lifetime. When your skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays from the sun, it burns without protection with clothing or sunscreen. Although you will need about twenty minutes of sun exposure a day to produce enough vitamin D for your body, more than that will increase your risk of sunburn. The scalp is the area where you often forget to apply sunscreen before spending some time in the sun or at the beach. Just a baseball cap or a simple wide-brimmed hat is enough to keep your scalp from sunburn.

What causes chemical burn?

Scalp burn treatment such as progressive brushing, relaxation, straightening, and discoloration and coloring use strong products that, when not properly administered, can injure the scalp region and cause chemical burn and damage to the hair.

One of the most common errors that generate chemical burn is to let the product act for longer than recommended or to use two incompatible chemicals during the same treatment.

This shows the importance of choosing a good professional to take care of your hair and choose the correct and compatible products for your hair.

How to identify the chemical burn?

The pain is one of the early symptoms caused by chemical burn, which causes great burning the injured region. In addition to acting directly on the scalp, the chemical can also attack, through the strong smell and smoke, the region of the eyes and nose.

In some cases, chemical burns even release a liquid that works as a kind of “glue” on the strands, leaving the hair stuck to the scalp and causing great discomfort in the region.

There are even records of people who lost their hair due to more severe chemical burns. So it is worth keeping an eye and thinking twice before testing any chemistry on the wires.

What to do to improve the chemical burn on the scalp?

Wash your hair with mild shampoos

Take a shower with the mildest temperature, never hot

Do not use products with alcohol during this period

Invest in conditioners and leave-ins with vitamin E and Aloe Vera

Avoid using a hairdryer and, whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally

Avoid scratching and poking the wound

Be very careful when combing or brushing the injured area

Do not carry out chemical treatments until the burn is 100% recovered.

How to avoid chemical burn?

In that case, prevention is the best medicine. Before using any chemical product on the hair, whether to smooth, relax or color the strands, it is recommended to perform a strand test and wait about 24 hours to monitor the reaction of the hair and scalp.

How to treat burnt scalp?

If your scalp is irritated, red and itchy, you may be suspicious. One of the symptoms of scalp with chemical burn is also the presence of liquid in the region.

The indicated in these cases is to see a dermatologist. The professional will be able to examine the scalp, analyze the degree of burn that was caused and indicate the best treatment.

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