How Travel Influencer and Photographer, Michelangelo Azzariti Lives through the Times of Coronavirus?

How Travel Influencer And Photographer, Michelangelo Azzariti Lives Through The Times Of Coronavirus? 1

How Travel Influencer and Photographer, Michelangelo Azzariti Lives through the Times of Coronavirus?

Towards the end of 2019, a pandemic condition started marking its way to the world which we never even imagined. It was all about some virus that gradually started changing our lifestyle. Many of us started to work from home while remaining lot couldn’t do anything else other than worry. The death toll increased. Panic began. Everything, in short, started to make no sense because pandemic came to visit for too long.

Michelangelo Azzariti – A travel Influencer and Photographer in the Times of Coronavirus 

How Travel Influencer And Photographer, Michelangelo Azzariti Lives Through The Times Of Coronavirus? 2

Among so many professionals, Michelangelo too couldn’t follow his regular routine of traveling and inspiring those who love to see different cities and countries. He had to stop inspiring others by the photographs and images he used to capture through his tiktok vedios. Going out and working on how to lure others with aesthetic sense faded away.

Even then, there was a will to manage life as it came. Instead of getting gloomy, he preferred to stay resilient and use the power of adaptability to harness sadness. Now that things are on a betterment side, he again has started to prepare himself to gear up things on different social media platforms.

Effects of Coronavirus on Photographers and Travel Influencers

Travel industry has felt repercussions in this pandemic situation and has been hit hard. A considerate level of change in attitudes of professionals is observed. It is majorly due to the fact that almost every single person is at risk. Companies are laying off employees and it is a lot to handle for those who are laid off.

All those who were traveling back and forth are now staying indoors with uncertainty in lives. When they will travel again and roam around to capture images on their phones and other devices are asked frequently. Social distancing and washing of hands after every few hours may be good for health. But unfortunately, it is paving the way to questions that don’t have answers. Or, if they do, mostly they are causing depression and frustration.

Despite all implications, travel and tourism industry has responded differently to Covid19. The traveling community influencers have taken time out to maintain a relationship with potential clients and audiences through the use of social media. In this regard, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have been pretty useful.

How Michelangelo Uses Social Media to Maintain Relationship with Clients and Customers? 

Regardless of all that is going on in the world due to Covid19 or Coronavirus, there has always been a group of people who love to inspire others in distress or depression. Likewise, when it comes to Michelangelo Azzariti, he has certain traits that make him continue with life in a bit different way.

He takes help of social media where there are tons of content based on pictures and thoughts. Michelangelo is a person who uses pictures from the archive and reposts all that was shared in the past. Revisiting situation when everything was normal and writing about life in which he is living now is the best way of recreating content. Fortunately, there is a huge following on his pages on different social media accounts and it had surged a hundred percent in these days.

“Positivity comes from inner self”, says Michelangelo and it makes his life in the current scenario a treat to go back to what he had been blessed with. On the last note, he is simply waiting for things to get better as they have already started now. The worldwide pandemics that started in 2019 are somehow unfolding and some industries are given permission to restart their businesses. However, some will take more time to settle.

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