How You Can Correctly Treat Oak Elements Inside Your Home

Oak Elements

We can all appreciate the innate beauty of oak, and if we have oak elements – from furniture to structural support to flooring and more – we do our best to retain its natural appeal and appearance. But what if your oak elements are older and showing signs of damage or wear and tear? Oak is one of the strongest and hardiest woods around, but it can still suffer from the effects of exposure to soot, the accumulation of dust and dirt, grease and grime, and even infestation from insects. So if you are keen on finding out how you can correctly restore and treat the oak elements inside your home, here’s what you need to know.

The Basics

A lot of property owners make enquiries as to how to keep oak elements in their interiors from becoming worn down. Of course, most of us love the natural look of oak and would like to know how to keep its natural beauty, but there’s one thing you should remember: it’s not just about applying a clear product to bring out the wood’s inherent colours. Yes, you can apply a clear product to make your oak wood look warmer and bring out its golden hue, but the key is to test it first. This way, you will have a good indication of how the wood will look once you have applied the product.

What you can do first is dampen a specific area with water applied with a sponge or cloth. The resulting appearance will often be how your oak wood – such as oak beams – will look when you apply a clear oil or varnish to it. Then, if you like the way it appears, you can proceed with the rest of the clear coating.

If you want to achieve a more natural look

Whilst some people like the colouring of oak wood when they apply a clear coat, others would like the wood to achieve a more natural look, akin to how the wood would look in nature. If you want something like this, you can use wood oils with unique formulations so the oak elements in your interiors can look more natural, as recommended by oak beam restoration and renovation experts. If you prefer the natural look combined with a varnished appearance, you can use wood dye and mix it with a significant portion of interior wood varnish.

But if you want to have the best natural look for your oak wood elements, you can use a wax polish. Be mindful, however, that not all wax polishes are durable. For example, if you have internal oak wood doors, they are ideally suited to a wax polish. Still, if you have oak flooring, it will look great when you use wax polish initially, but it would require continuous maintenance, so some property owners choose not to use wax polish precisely for this reason.

If you want the wood to appear darker

If you prefer a darker finish for your oak wood, you can use an oil tint since they can protect and colour the wood simultaneously. But it is a good idea to finish the treatment with a clear coating. Then, if the wood gets nicked or scratched, the clear coating will get nicked or scratched first prior to the coloured coating underneath, so the scratch or nick will not be too noticeable. 

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