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Synopsis of I Have Countless Legendary Swords

After reincarnating as Zhou Xuanji, the prince of an empire, he thought that he would be able to live a worry-free life of luxury. He did not expect to be involved in a rivalry with the Empress herself, who forced him to escape from the palace.

Yet to his surprise, the cheat program that he created in his previous life became reality in his current one.

When he turned two years old, he received the Crimson Dragon Sword, which contained the soul of a crimson dragon!

When he turned three, he received his second legendary sword!

He received a legendary sword once every year, to represent him growing older!

After living a hundred years, Zhou Xuanji adventured the world fearlessly with a hundred legendary swords!

Ten thousand years later, Zhou Xuanji shook the heavens with ten thousand legendary swords, ascending the throne of legends as the Sword Monarch!

Characters of I Have Countless Legendary Swords

Zhou Xuanji

Zhou Xuanji is the main character in I Have Countless Swords

His father was the Lord of the Zhou Empire– Emperor Yan of Zhou! His mother was a concubine of Emperor Yan of Zhou, named Lady Zhao Xuan.

Emperor Yan of Zhou was a Great Realization realm expert and later he would ascend to the upper world. He has in his control over tens of kingdoms and over ten billion people.

His mother Lady Zhao Xuan was much favored by the emperor. Even after she had given birth to a son, Emperor Yan of Zhou still visited her palace regularly.

Lady Zhao Xuan’s father was reported to be starting a rebellion, and the Emperor became furious. Although Lady Zhao Xuan pled to the Emperor that her father was innocent, the evidence was overwhelming.

In his fury, the Emperor threw her into the cold palace. Lady Zhao Xuan heard that the Empress wanted to murder her with poison, so she asked her sister concubines, who were close to her, to help her escape the Zhou Imperial Palace.

Zhou Xuanji/Swords

If Lady Zhao Xuan were to stay, she and her son Zhou Xuanji would both perish.

He gets a random legendary sword every year on his birthday and for every breakthrough into a new cultivation realm

Grades: Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Glorious Gold, Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit, Celestial-shaking, God-slaying, Armageddon, Ancient Gazing, Disaster Unleashing, Universe Essence, Overturning Heaven, Connecting Heaven, Nine Extreme, Primordial Chaos

Other Characters

Little Jiang Yue

Ah Big

Small Er

Lady Zhao Xuan

Zhang Ruyu

Xiao Jinghong- Disciple

Emperor Yan of Great Zhou

Empress of Great Zhou


Xiao Chengfeng

Shen Hua

Qui Baili

Huang Lianxin

North Valiant Sword

Zhang Huisheng

Old Qing

Demon Monarch of Gulan

Princess Zhou Xuanya

Zhang Tianjihan

Meng Tianlang

Xian Xianghua

Han Shebo

Sword Monarch

Techniques Ranks

There is Multiple kinds of techniques. There is energy techniques for qi, sword techniques for the blade and body strengthening techniques to get body physically stronger. Zhou Xuanji uses all the techniques more so than others. With the system, he can master most techniques after doing them a certain amount of times. For sword techniques, first he must reach the first stage of small accomplishment, then big accomplishment and finally he can learn the sword will of a move

Techniques graded into Yellow, Black, Earth, Sky in increasing order. Each grade divided into Low, Intermediate, Advanced and Top tiers.


Qi Nuturing
Foundation Building
Inner Pellet
Soul Fountain
Astral Infant
Astral Projection
Spirit Refinement
Great Realization

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