Iconic Redheads | Top 7 Classic Red Hair Actresses

Iconic Redheads

This entertainment industry is full of glamour and here, hair color matters a lot. Red is such a gorgeous shade but this is a bold shade for most people. Despite being a bold shade, there are so many amazing celebrities who got their hair colored in red and rocked the look. They know how to be graceful in such statement hair color and even you can copy that from these redhead celebs. You would literally fall in love with their red hair color and hairstyle at the same time. Here is some of the most gorgeous red hair actresses in this entertainment industry that you need to check out:

Madeline Brewer:

Iconic Redheads | Top 7 Classic Red Hair Actresses 1

Her complete name is Madeline Kathryn Brewer and there is no doubt that she is one of the most beautiful ladies in the industry. She is a brilliant American actress and model who knows her talent game so well that people literally love her skills. Apart from being so good at her work, she is also a good looking lady who knows her style game as well. Her red hairs were in trend for such a long time that people were copying her. She is a good style influencer so following her would not be a regrettable action for sure. She looked so sleek in red hairs and this shade of hair decently suited her.

Lindsay Lohan:

Iconic Redheads | Top 7 Classic Red Hair Actresses 2

Her complete name is Lindsay Dee Lohan and hands down to her gorgeousness. Talking about her red hair, she knows how to carry this color. If you would go through some of her pictures on which she was flaunting her red hairs then you would be able to see how gorgeous she looks. She is a complete package of talent with that of grace and moreover, almost every style that she carries stands out. This lady started her career when she was just a kid and as days passed she developed more and more grace. The parent trap has to be her best on the screenplay that audiences loved which is an amazing thing.

Jessica Chastain:

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Jessica Michelle Chastain is a power pack performer who has been serving the industry for a long time. The red color is one of the boldest colors for getting it on hairs but this diva knows how to carry it with grace. The color suited her so well that it literally enhanced her features and she was loved for her look with red hairs. She tried this color several times and there is no doubt that every time she looked the best. She is now above 40 years but still so pretty and she is also entertaining us so beautifully at the same time which is an amazing thing for sure.

Florence Welch:

Florence Leontine Welch is a sensation in the music industry. She has impressed her audience with some amazing songs and there is no doubt that she is a talented soul. If you follow her then you would know that she quite likes red hairs and so she keeps on getting this. Her red hairstyles seem to be beautiful hair goals that even you can copy. She is now more than 30yrs but she knows her style game so well that even teenagers love to copy her. She also writes her own songs and all of her compositions are just so amazing.

Julianne Moore:

Would you believe that this lady is above 60 years? She just looks so pretty that it is a bit hard to guess her age. When she was young she tried a lot of fashion trends but her red hairs caught our eyes as she just rocked in this shade. She is quite sober when it comes to styling and her bold decision to get red hairs just set perfect with her personality. Her ponytail looks were so amazing that even today people try to copy that from her. Apart from her looks, she is a packet of entertainment and she is very talented when it comes to her profession.


We cannot complete the list of gorgeous redhead ladies without mentioning Rihanna here. She is a -daredevil who never hesitates to experiment with her hair colors. She knows that she can carry any bold look very easily. Rihanna is the biggest style icon of this industry and she is the one who proved that age is just a number. From her singing skills to her acting skills, everything seems to be so perfect. If you would see her fan base then you would come to know that most people prefer her. She is a single lady boss who knows her worth very well. talking about her hair colors, red is one such color that suited her the most and she also tried different shades of reds on her hairs.

Christiana Hendricks:

Christiana Rene Hendricks is a British actress who is above 45 years now but she is kind of paused aging. She still looks so gorgeous that she can easily compete with young girls as well and this is because of her positive confidence. She is in this entertainment industry for a long time and every time she appeared on screen, she just rocked her role. Her red short hairs are always trending and even you can copy this style from her. Red looks so amazing on her that she keeps on trying different shades of red on her hairs which is great.

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