Immersive GameBox Accused of Wrongful Termination and Unfair Relocation of Employees, Without Proper Training or Onboarding

Immersive GameBox Accused of Wrongful Termination

Immersive GameBox, a prominent up and coming immersive video game development company which is in its investment stage and expansion in the US, is facing further allegations of mistreating its employees. In addition to the wrongful termination and unfair relocation of employees without notice, it has come to light that the company did not provide proper training or onboarding for several affected employees and assigned many additional responsibilities that come with a promotion but no additional pay. 

One employee, who was asked to relocate to a different state for a new project, was not given any formal training or onboarding. This lack of support left the employee struggling to perform their job duties and feeling overwhelmed. In messages seen between this employee and management, it was stated that due to relocation, the employee would be given a probationary period of a year to adjust to their new environment. However, this period was not given and the employee was terminated without warning or justification and not paid a handful of expenses accumulated through their time working with the company amid the company’s recent 21 million dollar funding for expansion. You would think they would use that funding to properly train their team members before thinking of expansion. 

The affected employee has shared that the lack of support from Immersive GameBox contributed significantly to the difficult situation they found themselves in. They were left to navigate a new work environment, without the necessary tools or guidance to succeed. This lack of support and training, coupled with the sudden termination, has left the employee feeling abandoned and mistreated.

The affected employees have reported that they were asked to relocate to a different state for a new project, and were promised job security and growth opportunities. However, upon relocating, they were suddenly and inexplicably terminated, without any prior warning or explanation. This has left them in a state of shock and distress, as they had to prepare to leave behind their families, homes, and loved ones to pursue this opportunity, only to be let go with no support or recourse.

These actions by Immersive GameBox have caused significant emotional and financial distress to these employees, who have been left with no means of support or employment. The sudden termination and relocation have uprooted their lives, causing them to face significant difficulties in finding new employment or returning to their previous lives.

The affected employees have since come together to speak out against Immersive GameBox, and are demanding that the company takes responsibility for its actions and compensates them for the harm caused. They are also seeking a public apology from the company for the stress and trauma caused by their sudden termination and relocation.

This incident has highlighted the need for greater accountability and transparency in the immersive video game industry, and the need for companies to treat their employees with dignity and respect. Immersive GameBox has a responsibility to make things right and provide support to the affected employees during this difficult time.

We urge Immersive GameBox to take immediate action to address the situation and provide just compensation to the affected employees. The immersive video game industry must do better in its treatment of employees, and this incident should serve as a wake-up call to all companies in the industry that employees matter and we should be properly trained. 

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