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About UK Based Companies

Information About UK Based Companies

The web is just one of the ways through which information can be disseminated over the internet. Many information about UK companies can be gotten from the web as companies are required by the law to make information about themselves public and what other way can the general pubic be provided with information in this age than the web? One good example of details found on the web is the name of the director of a registered company. Not only is his name to be made available, his/her name, nationality, occupation, and date of birth are to be provided. This information is thus, gathered and posted on the web. In the United Kingdom, information such as the one mentioned above about a company is accessible for people to find on Companies House Service. This aids you as a businessman in dealing with another company by checking the details of companies on various websites available through the use of the internet. Information you will find on the web further helps to ensure the company you are dealing with are legitimate before signing any form of agreement. Below is some information you can get on the web about UK companies using the web:

  1. Company information: this involves the date of incorporation and the registered address of the company. As earlier stated, by checking the day the date of incorporation which is the date the company was registered at Companies House in England, you are ensured the Company is legal. The date of incorporation is the date the company came into existence as a distinct legal entity. Under the company Information, other information includes the full name of the company, the company’s registration number, its registered office address, Legislation incorporated under and the company form (limited by shares, limited by guarantee, etc). Every one of this information will be found on the web
  2. Officers (Current and resigned): A company’s officers are officially named directors and if appropriate, the company secretary who is responsible for representing the company. Directors are also in charge of taking decisions in regards to how company is run. The name of the Director, age, occupation, nationality, and date of the birth are information that can be found on the web. Also, the names and information about past officials (if any) can be found on the web.
  3. Document images: The web is a system of internet servers that support specially formatted documents. These documents are formatted into a mark-up language called the HTML (hypertext Mark-up Language) that supports links to other documents as well as documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video files. A good example of a document you will find on the web about a UK based company is its financial statements or filed accounts. Filed accounts in simple terms contain financial statements of the company during a fiscal year. This will help you to catch sight of the financial stance/health of whatever company you are looking into.
  4. Mortgage Charge Data: A mortgage or charge Is the security a company gives for a loan and most charges in the U.K have to be registered at Companies House. Any Company in the Uk when creating its charge, the company or its representative is required to provide a statement of the organization’s particulars. This statement contains any relevant certified copies of the charge instrument and a relevant fee; this they send to the Registrar of companies (companies house). Some of the details in this document are in turn provided on the web.

The previous company names and insolvency information (the state in which a person or company is unable to pay money owed on time), shareholders, are other information about a U.K based company that can be found on the web. In conclusion, the web has made information about  UK based companies faster, easier, and readily available.

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