Instagram: Give your business the digital boost

Instagram: Give your business the digital boost 1

 Instagram: Give your business the digital boost

Already have an existing business or looking to quit your job and build that new startup? With more than 800 million monthly regular users and 60 million photos shared daily, Instagram could be your answer in terms of digitally marketing your business. From building up a brand to identifying potential customers to posting ads, this social media platform can see you through most of your enterprising needs. You can use ad makers to create and post your own ad. The best part is products or services can be promoted without much effort. Yet very effectively, on this mammoth photo sharing digital forum. Now let’s get the ball rolling and take a glance at five wise strategies to showcase your brand to the world.

  1. Set up the profile

To begin with, setting up a profile with Instagram Business is really easy. Need to fill in some basic details and you are done. Add a catchy Insta bio, as it’s probably the first thing the profile visitors will notice. This should contain information like the industry, location and contact details. Don’t forget to put up a decent and colorful logo which will basically act as the profile picture. Include a link in the bio clicking which the viewers will be routed to the official website of the company or products. With 150 characters to work with, the bio can also be used as a perfect space to introduce the business in brief.

  1. Using the different features to good effect
  • Insights – As self-explanatory it sounds, this built-in Insta tool can give you a good measure of the activities on your profile. It can track the top posts, the age range of the visitors, location, most visited hours, among other demographic details. This feature is free.
  • Sponsored ads– This one comes with a price, but it’s safe to say it’s worth it. It is one of the top ways to promote the brand(s). Single or multiple ads can be posted depending on how generously you plan to invest in marketing and promotions.

Use contents in the ads that are eye-catching, witty and at the same time accommodating all the essential information to help the potential buyers in decision making.

  • Insta stories– This is one of the most popular and favored features of Instagram. Add photos, videos or a slide show of the services available or use it to launch a new product. You can use; it is a user-friendly  Instagram video editor for beginners with a host of advanced features. There is no limit in how many photos or videos that can be posted in stories and once posted, it stays active for the next 24 hours.
  1. Managing account settings

Next, let’s take a look at how wisely the backgrounds need to be managed to get the best value out of the platform. Keep the stories public. Let them be viewed, liked and commented on by everybody. It helps to increase brand visibility. Each trade has its enemies, and there will be elements who would try to hurt your business. Use the hidden comment option to filter out any negative comments. You can also tag Instagram to other channels like Facebook or Twitter for a better reach out to the mass.

  1. Use hashtags

Billions of photos, posts and stories are uploaded every minute on Insta. For the audience finding your content can be a daunting task among all these. This is where hashtag (#) comes into play. It does the job of your content being quickly noticed. It’s very important to use relevant hashtags, as it makes it easy for users to locate the content they are looking for.

For instance, if one wants to tag posts with books, relevant hashtags like #books, #booklover, #bookworm, #metime can be used.

  1. Presenting the content

The content is the biggest asset of any digital marketing platform, and presenting it well is essential. Before posting, you should be aware of how much to post. Don’t post 5 times a day or every day in a week. Give the audience enough time to register in their minds what they see and read before they can conclude. Prioritize quality over quantity.

  • Captioning the content– Choose an appealing caption for the post. The character limit for captions is capped at 2,200, and for hashtags, it is 30. You can use emojis and try to keep the content brief yet informative. Keep in mind that every post needs to mirror the brand image. The content should be able to interact with the audience and voice the brand. Tag employees, business partners, relevant establishments to make them feel important and involved in the business. Pose an open-ended question after the post like- “What do you think”? or “Looking for a place to party” to inspire comments on the posts.
  • Time to publish– With assistance from insights, figure out the time of the day when the account is visited most often. This research is the basis of the brand and its target audience. If you are dealing with gadgets, midnight is the ideal time as this is when most youngsters will be awake and scrolling down the feeds. Also, be street smart in grabbing opportunities like festivities and sporting events to publish posts more frequently. For example, if there is a soccer world cup round the corner, it’s the best time to promote football merchandise.
  1. Be active 

Make it a point to be active on the platform regularly, interact and respond to the dms (direct messages that come to the inbox) instantly. Even if you are not posting, use the options like insta tv, chat rooms or visit other accounts and like and comment on their posts. These interactions redirect more traffic to the profile and present an excellent chance to expand the follower base. Remember that you are looking at the prospective customers in guise of the followers. Initially, one can manage all the digital aspects of the business unaided, including the Instagram handle. Once the business and the follower base grow, a professional can be hired to look after the online activities.

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