Interior Design Ideas for 2022: From Materials to Emotions

Interior Design Ideas For 2022: From Materials To Emotions 1

Here are five important decorating styles for the year. The way we decorate and style our houses is influenced by interior design trends. Experts discuss the biggest for 2022, from colours to textures, accessories to construction materials.

The interior design trends for 2022 are wide-ranging and diverse. There are new colours, textures, and materials, but the most important thing is that there are new moods. Because, when we squint into the sunshine after the previous two years, the way we desire to spend our lives has changed gradually. How we desire to spend time in our homes has altered, as has the purpose of our houses, and this has influenced every décor choice we make.

This desire has trickled out and been expressed in a variety of ways, but we believe the following interior design trends will be the most popular in 2022.



A fantastic new material trend is on the horizon, and it’s full of galaxy-inspired finishes. From this vanity unit to premium table tops, dark blue veined with white and pastel blue streaks is showing up everywhere. Marazzi’s show-stopping vanity unit in a ‘Sodalite Blu’ shade is a marvel of engineering that will make anybody jump out of their beds in the morning. The ‘Collection Grande Marble’ from the ceramic company imitates the complex characteristics and veinings of marble using 6mm porcelain, giving the majestic impression of massive slabs while being lightweight.

Poliform’s Ilda side table is the epitome of the rustic-luxe trend, with a deep blue Lapislazzuli marble top and an artfully crafted bronzed metal base. Although it’s marketed as a coffee table, don’t you think its jewelled blue shade would make the ideal bedroom nightcap?


Trompe l’oeil, which literally means “deceive the eye,” is a centuries-old artistic method or conceit that is part display of an artist’s talent and half enjoyment for the observer. It adds a touch of unexpected comedy to the house, a talking point that will delight both you and your visitors, and it fits in beautifully with contemporary living room trends.

Bonaldo’s New Perspective Mirror, seen above, plays with depth and perspective, creating the appearance of a room beyond the mirror while allowing room for the viewer’s imagination. The lines that embellish it are created freehand on the reflecting surface and naively re-create a different world from the one mirrored.


We suspected that arches were just around the horizon when we produced the Arch tile collection for Bert and May earlier this year. And it seems that we were correct. The smooth curves of arched doorways are easing the sharp edges that have multiplied for so long in additions and restorations.

“Arches, which harken back to Roman times, suddenly seem quite current,” explains Livingetc editor Pip Rich. “I’m delighted to utilise Bert and May’s Livingetc tiles in my own bathroom makeover in 2022 since they bring grandeur while being approachable. In an environment with curved edges, you can’t help but relax.”

If you’re decorating, use it as a pattern, or use it as a form for windows and doors if you’re remodelling.


Concrete comes into play in today’s bathroom ideas, which are all about adding individuality while maintaining a monastic feeling of spa-like tranquillity. It’s the ideal material for this room because of the vibrant colours it currently offers, as well as the texture and depth it brings.

Colored concrete, in general, is experiencing a renaissance. It’s become the design world’s favourite material, appearing in kitchens, on the exteriors of expansions, and on flooring. It appeals to architect Ben Allen because of its durability. “Because the pigment flows all the way through, the markings don’t show up if it chips,” he explains.


Cork flooring is back, and it’s better than ever. Forget those 1970s implications of orange cork tiles; cork flooring is back, and it’s better than ever. It’s really one of the marmoleum flooring trends for 2022, available in a range of tints, because of its green credentials and simplicity of procuring it responsibly.

Cork’s inherent thermal qualities make it an excellent heat insulator and a considerably less expensive option to underfloor heating. As a result, its environmental points don’t cease being gathered merely because of how it’s created. ‘It means less energy use and lower electricity costs,’ explains Silvi Stoyanova, a consultant for Bricoflor, a flooring firm.

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