Is a regular laptop good for gaming?

Is a regular laptop good for gaming?

There is a major difference between a simple laptop and a gaming laptop. We can say that gaming laptops focus on performance.

But a simple laptop just focuses on hardware and other specifications. If we want to go gaming on a simple laptop, then it is somehow a difficult task.

Some light games can easily run on a simple laptop but the heavy games are unable to run even on lower settings. 

Some laptops are very basic with 4GB RAM and less storage. So, the answer is that gaming is not recommended on a simple laptop.

But if you’re unable to buy the new one then you can easily get the games which are suitable according to the requirements of your laptop. 

Some games must run on your laptop but still, heavy games cannot run.

Graphics card

The major difference between a gaming laptop or a simple laptop is graphics. In a gaming laptop, there are enhanced graphics and graphic cards are used in gaming laptops. 

Some normal laptops also offer the facility of graphics cards but not all of them.

If you have a normal laptop and there is a facility of the graphics card in it, then you must try running your favorite games and must check the requirements first. 

There several graphic cards, some of them are expensive and some of them are not so expensive.

Graphic cards play an important role in favor of the game. But still, you can run some games on the lower settings.


Whenever we’re talking about the speed of the laptop, the very first thing that comes to our mind is RAM. 

The lowest figure of RAM is 4 GB but we do not recommend the minimal figure especially for a gaming laptop or a normal laptop that you’re willing to use for gaming.

The second option or you can say that the better option is 8 GB. But in our point of view, when you’re going to play games 8 GB is also not enough.

So, you have to upgrade your RAM to at least 16 GB. So, your laptop can be able to run your favorite games.

But if you’re willing to do some light gaming then 8GB is also enough for a laptop. But keep in your mind this figure is okay only when you’re doing light gaming. 

For heavy games, 8 GB is not suitable.


In gaming laptops, there is huge storage so you can easily install heavy games. But in a normal laptop, there is not that much storage to save these heavy games. 

These normal laptops are for regular use so they don’t have huge storage. If you’re using an SSD, then you must for at least 256 GB instead of considering 128 GB. 

If you are using a laptop for office work or your daily task, you can go 128 GB but for gaming, this storage is below the average. While using an SSD, your laptop speed will also increase.

But if your laptop has a hard disk drive, then we recommend 512 GB. Storage is not enough for a gamer. He used to install new and new games. 

So that’s why you must go for a higher figure. The higher the figure, the more you can enjoy the new games.

3D games are unable to run

A person who uses a normal laptop and is fond of playing games must know that we cannot play 3D games on a simple laptop. 

If you are fond of 3D games then you must use a gaming laptop. But if you want to play simple and ordinary games then, a simple laptop can also be suitable.

So, it is clear that a normal laptop is not suitable for gaming. If you’re unable to buy an expensive laptop so, you must go for the best gaming laptop for under $600


If you’re using a very heavy graphics card and a huge figure of SSD but the processor is slow then this is not beneficial at all. 

If processing speed is already slow and you are using heavy storage and RAMs then it will decrease the speed.

So, we must focus on the processor to take the 100% output. Due to slow processing speed, we are sometimes unable to play light games. 

Moreover, laptops start heating and make other tasks slower.

Some people want to play games on the i3 processors but they must know that we cannot play games on that many slow processors. 

We can’t even play light games on this processor.


Normal laptops have a normal display but gaming laptops use high resolution and bright screens. So, playing games on a simple laptop is not recommended. 

You are unable to enjoy your favorite games on a low-resolution screen and it will put on a strain on your eyesight.

If you’re willing to play games on a simple laptop, then the resolution must be at least 4K. This resolution is highly recommended by professional gamers.

Wrap up

There are many differences between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop, so we have discussed all the important points. 

But the point is that can a normal laptop be used as a gaming laptop? And the answer is no! many differences cannot be neglected.

We’ve discussed these differences briefly so you must read it, it will be very helpful for you. But still, some games can be run on slow processors and low resolutions. 

But keep in your mind that light games may be able to run on a normal laptop.

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