Is an Electric Pasta Maker Worth It?

Electric Pasta Maker

When Philips brought me the electric pasta maker to test and I made room for it in the kitchen, my entire family looked at me with the eyes of yet another junk to occupy the counter. “We already have a (manual) pasta machine and you hardly use it,” said my husband, “what makes you think this is going to change things?”

The passage of time and the fact that they regularly enjoy fresh pasta dishes has changed their minds. Now they make eyes at the creature, wishing it would stay with us forever. But, after the tests, the moment of the goodbye is approaching and I can only say one thing: I will miss her. These are the reasons why it is worth having an electric pasta maker at home.

1. Because it is so Compact that it Hardly takes up Space

In my kitchen I have a lot of small appliances on the counter and I also thought that another machine would take away my work space, but I was pleasantly surprised by the compact size of this pasta maker . Its 13.5 x 35 x 28.7 cm (width / depth / height) allow it to be fitted in almost any kitchen, whether on the counter or inside a cupboard, although this depends on the size of the same, of course!

2. Because its use Could not be Easier

Operating the machine could not be simpler. The pasta is ready in four simple steps: put the flour in the main bowl, press the power button, pour the egg (or egg and water) through the nozzle and cut the pasta to the desired size when it starts to come out of the head. As the kneading and forming are automatic, anyone can make homemade pasta and get good results. You do not need to have technical knowledge on the subject or be a virtuoso in the kitchen.

3. Because it was Never so Fast to Make Fresh Pasta

After using the machine once or twice and getting the hang of it (it’s so simple it doesn’t take longer), it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to have a plate of pasta on the table , ready to be eaten. While the machine kneads, since we will have our hands free, we put the water to boil and prepare / heat the sauce. Of course, the moment the pasta starts to come out of the nozzle, it is best that we pay attention to it and cut it so that it does not pile up at the base of the machine.

4. Because the Paste can be 100% Customized

With the four heads you can make spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and sheets for lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli and other stuffed pastas. The recipe book that it includes is a good guide to start with the basic pasta and / or to launch with flavors such as beet pasta, spinach, tomato, carrot, herbs, squid ink, even exotic pasta such as soba noodles and wontons. The control of the ingredients allows to make pasta suitable for celiac.

5. Because It has Capacity for Four People

I don’t know in your houses, but in mine there are four mouths to feed and the capacity of this machine has been ideal. It allows to prepare 450 grams of fresh pasta in a single roll. You can prepare pasta for two people, but I have always opted for the maximum capacity even when I have cooked for less than four. Fresh pasta can be refrigerated and also frozen. In cases where I have leftover pasta, I have let it dry before wrapping it in plastic wrap and storing in the fridge or freezer.

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