Is Netflix Canada Different from Netflix Us?

Netflix Canada

If you are a movie or TV show enthusiast, probably you have heard about the Netflix streaming platform. It is one of the most popular platforms both in the US and in Canada. They offer a myriad of movies and TV shows.

Is there a difference between Netflix Canada and Netflix US? Although these countries are a few miles away from each other, Netflix shows slight differences in terms of the content it delivers to the two countries. With the United States leading in the number of selections by around 100 titles. However, there is more into this. Let’s dive in and get more differences.

Is there a difference between Netflix Canada and Netflix US?

Even if the proximity of the US and Canada is too close, the two countries differ in many things. In terms of streaming work, Netflix In Canada is different from Netflix US. Here we will help you know whether that difference exists and what makes them unique from each other. Keep posted for more insights below.

Canadian Netflix

In the world, Canadian Netflix boasts as one of the best Netflix TV shows and movie show selections. With around 1500 TV shows and 4000 movie shows. Available. You will not miss out on the new movie though it may take you some time to decide which one to watch.

The total number of titles that Canadian Netflix bears is nearly 5,500. However, these titles pause a difference in terms of quality. Here you will get classic movie options that the Netflix US does not feature. For instance, the inception and the Avengers. Consequently,youwill find unique movie series such as Jurassic Park. That now shows that they are different in that aspect.

US Netflix

The United States leads all other countries because it boasts the most Netflix selections worldwide. US Netflix selections exceed those of Canada by at least 100 titles. It has nearly 4000 movie selections and The TV series stands at about 1600.

The US Netflix features more content but that is not all. The US also features a lot of TV shows which gives you multiple choices. They include Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. Some of the unique movies found here include; The Help and Million Dollar Baby.

Which country has better Netflix?

If you want to know the country that bears the best Netflix, you will need to examine your individual needs. Netflix US bears several options and multiple show varieties. However, Canada boasts many movies which are highly ranked. Therefore, if you need that with more variety, choose Netflix US. Canada is best for you if you are looking for Friends.

Don’t think that you can miss some shows found on Netflix US on Netflix Canada. Sometimes entertainment differs in different countries because of cultural changes. You will realize that the best US show doesn’t have any popularity in Russia.

Other differences between US and Canadian Netflix

Apart from discussing the selection differences, it is equally important that we look at other differences like price. Consequently, the presence of 4K and HDR content makes them a bit different.

4K deals with the pixels number on the TV screen as well as the screen resolution. These features are meant to make the movies clearer. Canadian Netflix and that of the US both feature 4K.

High Dynamic Range deals with the color contrast. That content that features HDR becomes more colorful and brighter than that without. In this case, both Canadian and US Netflix have HDR content. Here we can note that it is a tie when looking at screen quality now let’s look at their cost.

When comparing prices, you will notice that US Netflix is expensive by one dollar to Canadian Netflix. The US sells it for $0.99 more per month. This difference is the variance in the way of life in those countries.

The United States leads all other countries because it boasts the most Netflix selections worldwide.

The United States leads all other countries because it boasts the most Netflix selections worldwide.

If you worry about that, Let’s enlighten you on the same.

Let’s look at the latest subscription prices that Netflix imposes for both the US and Canada on its services in Canadian dollars.

For a basic package, Netflix CAN cost $9.99 while Netflix US goes at $11.89. For the standard plan, Netflix US goes at $17.18 while Netflix CAN cost $13.89. lastly. The premium plan goes at $21.15 for Netflix US and $19.99 for Netflix CAN.

What Brings the Difference?

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The first aspect that brings the difference is the law differences that are imposed on movie distribution rights. It is the work of Netflix to negotiate with individual nations to have the content ready for streaming.

Another thing that brings the difference is the taste of movies that every country loves. The US has more streaming platforms hence Netflix gets it hard to obtain rights to a movie that already exists on other platforms like Hulu.

What is good about Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms that give you room to give a rating to movies that you watch. Its suggestion system is topnotch. It also categorizes TV shows and movies pretty well.

Netflix site is easy to navigate and is more intuitive to use. You will also realize that there are more interactive features with more information, bios, and reviews.


Netflix works to give you the best results both in the US and in Canada. As stated above, this online platform seeks rights individually from Canada and the US. Therefore, there comes a difference in terms of content in both countries as well as cost.

There are instances where Netflix may choose not to seek rights of a certain movie if it is not relevant to a certain demographic. This article has demonstrated the differences that you can find in Netflix Canada and Netflix US. Therefore, you can easily answer the question of whether they are different or not.

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