It’s warmer in Alaska than in Alabama today: School delays closing for Wednesday, November 13th

One more day of anticipated freezing temperatures and wind chills has driven at least 1 Alabama educational system to delay the beginning of the day on Wednesday. 

Lows by Wednesday morning could fall similarly as 15 degrees in north Alabama to the upper 20s right to the coast, as per the National Weather Service. 

Limestone County Schools in the northern part of Alabama will work on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, the educational system stated on Tuesday.

Alabama didn’t get much in the method for the day off but certainly getting a major portion of cold on Tuesday. 

An impact of arctic air has become the overwhelming focus and as of Tuesday evening temperatures experienced more like the dead of January than November.

Also, get this, it is a gauge to be similarly as warm or hotter in Anchorage, Alaska, which is 7 degrees than it is in  Muscle Shoals, Birmingham and Huntsville today, as per the National Weather Service. 

The high temperature was 36 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska today which they surpassed in the Tuesday evening.

The high temperature in Birmingham on Tuesday was around 35 degrees. It was near that on Tuesday evening. 

It has been cold enough that a couple of records have been set for most minimal high temperature for this date. 

Muscle Shoals just arrived at 35 degrees today. That puts an end to the record of the coldest high-temperature record for 12th of November, which was 42 degrees in 1968.

Huntsville’s which experienced 38 degrees was likewise a record-breaker. The old record was as high as 40 degrees in 1968. 

On the off chance that that is not terrible enough, more records are probably going to be broken overnight — this time it would be low-temperature records.

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