Jewish Baby Strollers Returns Dozens of Anti-Semitic Images!

Jewish Baby Strollers

Anti-Semitism isn’t a new subject to the Jewish community as it dates back to ancient times when discrimination against the Jews was widespread.

While the campaigns to stop anti-Semitism focus on inappropriate statements and actions, a new twist was discovered by curious internet users on Friday, September 25, 2020, as Google search results for “Jewish Baby Strollers” returned disturbing images of ovens on wheels alluding to the Holocaust.

The gas ovens on wheels are a mockery to the most horrible times in Jews history when about 6 million European Jews were murdered in German-occupied Europe (Nazi Germany) between 1941 and 1945, and their bodies incinerated.

According to civil righs activity Brooke Goldstein, the disturbing images returned in the search results are an advanced, but also hidden way of spreading hate by rogue websites using the commonly searched keyword.  

If you perform an image search for “Jewish baby strollers,” you’ll find a dozen images of portable ovens, smokers, or barbecues, which are offensive and an allusion to the Holocaust.

The offensive images were widely shared by a colossal number of social media users, leading to the outrage that ended up with many backing the call to remove Google’s offensive images.

Due to growing public demand concerning the glaring anti-Semitic images, google responded to the claims clarifying that the search engines generated the images based on an algorithm.

Besides that, Google distanced themselves from the crap, stating that the images did not represent Google’s opinion.

A Coordinate Extremist Campaign to Blame for the Sickening Google Images in the Search Results

While Google promised to improve its search engines, an article published in the Times of Israel

reveals that Google’s offensive image search results are more of a content strategy on a fringe website than an accident.

Moreover, research by The Network Contagion Research Institute found a bunch of posts dating back to August and September 2017 that paired the portable ovens with the phrase “Jewish baby strollers” successfully.

This makes it crystal clear that the disturbing images might have stayed online for many years, even though they were discovered on Friday.

According to the institute’s director, Joel Finkelstein, people operating fringe websites trick the Google search engine into putting those images at the top by pasting them with keywords.

As such, when you search for “Jewish baby strollers,” the traumatizing images appear at the top of the search results.

Google Apologized for ‘Disturbing’ Images

After noticing the anti-Semitic memes appearing in their search results for “Jewish baby strollers,” Google expressed their discomfort with the images through their Google Liaison page on Twitter.

Responding to the claims, Google apologized in a statement and blamed “data voids” for the crap displayed on the search results.

Additionally, Google promised internet users they’ll look into the problem and improve the search algorithms to produce more relevant search results.

Even though Google promised to look into the situation and make improvements, it’s still unclear whether pulling down the images would be part of the upgrades or not.

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