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Joshua Salas (born November 28, 1988) is a Dominican and Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and composer better known by his stage name Joshuaflyboy. His song is frequently classified as Latin beat and reggaeton, and his tone is recognized as distinct.

Joshuaflyboy is a musician, singer-songwriter, and entertainer. He was birthed in the New York borough of Brooklyn. While he was fourteen years old, he discovered music, hearing to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Romeo Santos, Daddy Yankee, and others. He enjoyed music because it brought people together, made them sing along, and made them happy. He understood as a child that he wanted to create music that people could relate to and appreciate.

Joshuaflyboy has emerged as the new image of Latin music. This Latin singer has been on the rise since 2019, and he is well-known for his hit’s penny and 327.

This singer/songwriter discovered his passion for music by performing in talent competitions and church choirs at a young age. And he is now a valued partner of Sony Music. He is excited to explore the world and work with more incredible artists. Keep an eye out for this emerging talent! Keep an eye out for Joshuaflyboy’s new song, released with Marlexs la Voz suprema.

Interview with joshuaflyboy• Tell some information about your recent release 

“Whoa!!” is the title of his most recent release. On March 14, 2021, an English drill song featuring his long-time buddy Swaggdarebel was released. 

Thanks to my fan base, family and friends, and my music team, it became a reality via the internet.

Joshuaflyboy A singer 2

I performed it at Jam Box Facility, a well-known label studio, with a producer named CJ, who formerly worked at Interscope Records. CJ has performed numerous well-known Spanish songs, including Romeo Santos and Prince Royce, among others.

I’m an incredible artist who distributed it all through United Masters, which would be owned by former Sony and Universal Music Group president Steve Stoute. With large playlists and corporations, United Masters provides artists with options that other outlets do not.• The music business is now in turmoil; where do you see it going?

It all specifically looks at it. Now is the time to experiment with new ways of connecting with your friends and supporters. Because live events are unlikely to materialize anytime soon, independent artists have a tremendous opportunity to create new and inventive methods to interact and connect with people electronically. The music industry is always changing, and that is unavoidable. Adaptation is essential! Everything is shifting to the internet world.• 

What is the most significant aspect of Songwhip that is missing?

The most significant feature missing from Songwhip is the ability for the artist to play live. It’s a fantastic website and location for consolidating all of your devices into one. It’s quite professional and aids artists in being discovered more quickly.

The advice of joshuaflyboy to other artists

Work hard, preserve money, or never allow someone to make you deny your abilities or ambitions. Many people are envious of you, but you have a good attitude and a strong support system. You can create the strength to overcome the negative, and you will eventually receive what you desire.

Fight with yourself rather than with another. My philosophy is, “I am my competitor.” It is your life and your goals! After that, pursue it. Work hard, save money, and never allow someone to make you doubt your abilities or ambitions.


Joshua Salas is now one of the world’s renown singers, who is just an awesome motivation and guideline for emerging singers all over the world. This article is just an attempt to introduceJoshua Salas. However, you can also research more about the life struggle and achievements of this awesome singer. Hopefully you have enjoyed this article.  

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