Jump Higher for basketball game with these 5 steps

Jump Higher for basketball game with these 5 steps

A good jump is the best asset a basketball player can possess. When you see players jumping on the basketball ground, it seems almost impossible to follow them. But, you can certainly do it and proper practice will help your entire team with techniques of blocks, steals, and rebounds. There are coaches you will take care of your physical training but online articles can help you do some homework beforehand.

In this article, we shall help you with the basics of how you can build yourself to jump higher for basketball game.

Jump Higher for basketball game with these 5 steps:

1. Skipping ropes:

The first thing that you must bring home is a skipping rope if you wish to learn to jump higher. Avoid bending your knees when you jump down. Swinging it around the body with both hands may also help you with or without the rope. It is ok even if you do not have a rope; you can simply practice jumping as you would with a rope.

2.  Slow-motion squats:

Learn the right way of slow-motion squats. Lower down your body in a deep squat position with feet and shoulder wide apart. Keep your heels flat on the ground and hold for few seconds, and then take a deep breath and release to the starting position. Do not change the position of your head and back; keeping it straight is the right thing. Holding down for 2 to 4 seconds would be the right thing to do for a core exercise.

3. High-reach jumps:

These are similar to tuck jumps and you may find about these on the search engines. You sit in a comfortable squat position and then jump up as high as you can. You have to reach the same height while jumping every time you do that.  These repetitions will help you to become a pro with the ball on the basketball ground.

 4. Toe raises:

Toe raise is a good exercise to learn to jump higher. While we explain you here, you may check more videos and images online. All you need to do is stand as you usually do, raise yourself up till the tip of your toes and then again back down. You have to be slow and steady. There is a chart that you can prepare for all these steps and do it weekly along with other routine exercises.

5. Lunge jumps (alternating):

According to this technique, you need to take your right foot forward as one step ahead and one step back with your left foot. This is how you start and from this position you jump as high as in your reach in the air. Continue by switching the legs forward and backward. Check out the images and videos by professionals on how they do it and then check the same way how basketball players jump in the basketball ring.

Hope the above tips will help you to learn the jumping techniques. Remember, practice makes it perfect so the efforts will be all yours. 

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