Los Angeles’ Unique Techno Flair by Celiane: Humanity, Slave of Technology

Los Angeles’ Unique Techno Flair By Celiane: Humanity, Slave Of Technology 1

Los Angeles’ Unique Techno Flair by Celiane: Humanity, Slave of Technology

According to a team of scientists from the Institute for the Future of Humanity (IFH) at Oxford University, the most likely cause of the future disappearance of the human race will be our increasing dependence on technology. Same message is delivered by an emerging music entrepreneur – Celiane. The multitalented artist in the entertainment industry has created her own path. Her unique style captivates both US and foreign audiences. Her caricature hypnotizes her fans – a fine esthetic at a time! Celiane the Voice is a performer with an operatic voice, an e-soul and a vision that merges seemingly divergent musical styles into a unique vision of soul and technology.

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Although various media speculate that humanity will become extinct due to a series of terrible natural disasters, but Celiane believes that neither the fall of an asteroid, nor volcanic eruptions, nor any other phenomenon of nature in the near future will cause the disappearance of the population of our planet. We human beings are the ones who can contribute to the extinction of the race and, in particular, the technologies we create.

Today we can see a large-scale race between different countries in terms of technology and we must be wise enough to use these innovations only for the goods.

The rapid evolution of technologies, such as the development of artificial intelligence and various types of nano systems, present us with both numerous opportunities and certain risks. Experts indicated that the deliberate abuse of nano technology is quite Celiane’s art reacts to what she sees as humanity’s mechanization. She just made it something beautiful. She calls it a technology that human uses that but don’t really understand and become a Slave to it. She knows how institutions try to mechanize the minds of humanity, and she used this in a visual representation. Celiane says “At what point with technology do we lose who we are?  At what point are we no longer spirit and human? My art form explores love, consciousness, breaking free and what that all really means.”

Celiane considers technology a tool, a path in the future to help humanity to rise – and not the opposite. The intermingling of technological aspects and the maintenance of our minds and connection with people is a way to bring the people into a promising land, in which the full potential is reached, with true freedom and the music she has dubbed Electronica Hip Hoppera. Her distinctive sound is followed by a unique look. The influences of anime and video games are clear in the esthetic, blending metal color with a bright palette of colors. Her work is audible and visually complete. She encapsulates her comic book characters. “I enjoy comic books, anime comics, manga, and video games. I love the artistic side of technology and it can do so much good. I’ve done a good thing. It was part of intentional stuff. I’m a true believer in the power of the mouth behind the words.

Furthermore, Celiane believes that scientists can create badly programmed super intelligence, and a slight error in calculations could be fatal to the future of Earth. Experiments in the genetic sphere are also potentially dangerous. With the increasing progress of technologies in this area, science already has sufficient resources to create the virus of the end of the world. Some biologists are already creating dangerous bacteria in their labs, something that threatens humanity’s existence. Celiane the Voice hopes to connect with fans, meet the artists, contribute their story to the creative group and take part in a black excellence exhibition.

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