Make the right decision with Ekol Hospitals

Make the right decision

Ekol hospitals, founded in 2007 in Izmir and from the date on, Ekol hospitals are a particularly important medical centers for patients from abroad, while in terms of the services it has been Turkey’s most prestigious and professional hospital.

An unrivaled hospital example in terms of prestige and professionalism

Getting a medical service is an issue that cannot be compared to using any other service and requires sensitivity and when necessary, patients also consider hospitals thousands of kilometers away. So why do they do this? At this point, we can touch on prestige and professionalism. Whoever does the job best should do it, and whoever provides the best service should be directed to it. In this context, to choose a hospital located in Turkey, you will get the right decision in terms of quality and professionalism of medical services. Then it will be the ideal choice for your budget. Because, since the year it was founded, Ekol Hospitals approach their patients from abroad who want to benefit from high-quality medical treatments with great care and offer them the most professional medical treatments. We can learn the level of this from Emily, who lives in Dublin and chose Ekol hospitals for obesity treatment last year. Emily O’Connor describes her experience as follows: “It was one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life. During my journey to the door of the hospital, I could not stop thinking about it, did I make the right decision? But as I stepped inside the door of Ekol Hospitals, I realized that I had made one of the best decisions I could ever make.”

How do you know you’re making the right decision?

Thanks to its more than 40 employees who organize and follow international and patient relations, Ekol hospitals are able to establish a bond of trust with their patients without meeting them one on one. From the moment each patient is welcomed through the door, they receive personal attention from our employees whose division of labor is limited only to this, and in this context, great care is shown to ensure that they do not feel foreign. The hospital’s officer in charge of patients says: “It is very important for us that our patients feel at home and receive maximum support during recovery. As proven in medicine, high morale and support are complementary to positive results from treatment. “

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