Manolo Monterrubio is breaking the music industry with his new style

Manolo Monterrubio

If you are a music lover, you probably know all social media by now. Even if not, chances are it’s only a matter of time till you come across this social media application.

    What began as an alternative to with better filters has evolved into one of the biggest apps for streaming music – surpassing Spotify in number of average monthly users in some countries.

   Experts have already drawn – where users can choose from filters that go beyond just altering your appearance but also change the environment around you. Manolo Monterrubio Now is applying the same thinking to music with their latest update especially for creators.

    Apps like Shazam were created so that could find out what song is currently playing, but TikTok is looking to take that a step further. The company has now introduced a function which will allow users to identify not just the song but also the artist and album. This is a huge development for the music industry as it means that not only can people discover new music through TikTok but they can also learn about the people behind it.

    The update has been well-received by users so far with many taking to social media to express their excitement. One wrote: “This is actually so freaking cool I’m shook”. Another said: “I love how TikTok is incorporating features that help you learn more about the songs you’re listening to”.

    It’s clear that is making a big impact on the music industry and it will be interesting to see how things develop from here. With its huge user base, TikTok could soon become the go-to app for music lovers everywhere.

Inevitably, Manolo Monterrubio continues to grow and evolve, we will continue to see it impact the media sphere and change the ways in which we discover new music and interact with others who share our interests. The key question is: Will this be a positive experience? Will we continue to see artists thrive as they manage their social channels or will “hearts” (likes) replace cash as the currency of choice for those who truly rely on creativity as their profession? Only time will tell.

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