Mario Kart Tour: A guide to everything added in Valentine’s Tour

Mario Kart Tour: A Guide To Everything Added In Valentine’s Tour 1


February is right around the corner, and the Valentine spirit is entered early by Mario Kart Tour. New trailer showing new skin and fun extras has just been published. The game goes back to Paris to explore the city of love in particular. A new character is made, sorta, for this romantic season just in time. The update adds a Cherub Baby Peach with a selfish outfit that allows them to spread their love on the road and beyond. This will be also featured by Pink Shy Guy, Chef Pastry Shy Guy and Vacation Peach. The Paris Promenade and Choco Island 2, Koopa Troopa Beach and Toad Circuit are returning.

This means that the Mario Kart Tour now has five variations in Peach. Tons of variations are to be chosen between Baby Peach and Peach. There are no other types and variations like the royal princess of the mushroom kingdom.

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While the tour is called the Valentine’s Tour, the tour does not actually last until Valentine’s Day. Today starts and continues until 12 February, when the game announces its next event. As with any case, players will try to earn maximum numbers of stars so that they can win the one-person cups exclusively.

Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine’s Tour has gone live, adding several new characters, karts and gliders. The two-week event runs until January 29 and is themed around the game’s Paris track, which was added last year. Valentine’s Tour’s spotlight items are Baby Peach (Cherub), Apple Kart and Sweetheart Glider.

Standard tour gifts include Baby Peach, Birthday Girl kart and Piranha Plant Para foil, while Gold Pass subscribers can unlock Wendy, the Macharon kart and Strawberry Crepe glider. The Valentine’s Tour also sees the end of the second Mario Kart Tour multiplayer test, which was the first to be expanded to all players and not limited to Gold Pass subscribers. A VGC feature recently highlighted Mario Kart Tour features that Nintendo would do well to adopt for Mario Kart 9, including the mobile game’s combo system and track variants.



  • Activate Frenzy mode 3 times
  • Do 100 Mini-Turbo boosts
  • Land 10 hits with Bob-ombs
  • Get 1st place in a 150cc or higher race 3 times in a row
  • Earn a score of 8,000 or higher using a baby driver
  • Earn a score of 20,000 or higher in the Luigi Cup
  • Cause an opponent to crash while gliding
  • Land 3 hits with Super Horns
  • Pick up a dropped Mushroom for a burst of speed


  • Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts
  • Do a total of 5 Slipstream boosts
  • Collect a total of 200 coins in races
  • Take out 5 Piranha Plants
  • Earn a score of 7,000 or higher on 3 T courses
  • Collect 200 coins using a driver wearing a crown
  • Get a combo count of x30 or higher
  • Collect 300 coins from races in a single day
  • Gets 1st place in a race in Paris 10 times

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