Does Massage Therapy Work?

Does Massage Therapy Work?

Considering how many forms of physiotherapy that are out there, it’s no wonder that some people question how effective they are.  It can be hard to trust stuff like this, especially for some of the new methods.  With massages, when most people hear the word, it conjures images of a luxurious getaway that’s for pure indulgence.

However, this is far from the case in a lot of situations.  In fact, it can be a valuable form of physiotherapy for a lot of people.  When you’ve got an RMT performing a massage, you can know that you’re not just getting pampered for no reason.  There are plenty of studies like this one that show the real benefits of getting a massage that go even deeper than tissue.  

In the Station Square area here in California, it can sometimes feel like there is a lot of judgement thrown around towards people who are receiving physiotherapy.  Folks hear “Pilates” or “massage” and assume it’s pure decadence.  You don’t have to feel guilty for getting the care that you deserve, though.

How it Works

Pain management is one of the main goals of all types of physiotherapy, and that includes the massages.  Whether the pain stems from an injury or a chronic illness of some sort, there are real benefits of going through these programs.  In particular, those with connective tissue diseases might want to check out the massages.

You see, when our joints are feeling tight or painful because they have been hyperextended over and over again, as just one example, sometimes having pressure put on them in the right spots can be a really relieving experience.  Beyond that, though, it’s been shown that there is often a deeper benefit going on in the form of treatment for ailments that impact ligaments, blood vessels, and even joints.

That’s why finding a Station Square RMT can be such a big deal for people.  If they are able to find relief from some of their symptoms, even if it is just for the session and a few days after, that is huge.  You c an even combine it with other forms of physiotherapy such as Pilates or kinesiology, depending on what your doctors and care team recommend.

Is it Worth it?

To some extent, this is a bit of subjective question.  After all, the value to be found in these techniques will really depend on both the practitioners and RMT trained specialists who are providing it, as well as how receptive the patient is.  So, one of the first steps will be to find the right caregivers for you.

Of course, make sure that you’re ready to dedicate yourself to getting the care you need, as well.  This is something that can be quite hard for us sometimes, because it means admitting that we need help.  While most of us would probably prefer to be self-sufficient as much as possible, it’s okay to need some assistance.

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As far as whether or not it works, hopefully the resources above help to demonstrate that.  However, you can look at an additional one here,, just in case you still had some reservations.  Essentially, it is safe to say that regular massage therapy is a tried-and-true method of care at this point.

If you are someone who has had a difficult time finding other effective treatments, then this might be something for you to consider.  While it is a bit unconventional in some ways, that certainly doesn’t decrease its worth.  Many people across the country benefit from these care plans each and every day, and experience much-needed and well-deserved relief from the pain they deal with.

Even those with migraines can be helped by massage therapy, which is something that they may not think of.  While obviously there are medications that can help too, sometimes it’s nice to find alternate styles of care as well.  Often, those pills are really hard to swallow because of their size and have side effects.

Of course, it’ll be up to you decide whether or not this is something that you would like to pursue.  You can always give it a try before you decide whether or not it’s for you!

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