Mother'S Day - Mv Cover First Hand Of &Quot;Đặng Trà Xuân Minh&Quot; - A Love For Mom 1


Dang Tra Xuan Minh is a familiar name that young people today are looking for. Only 18 years old, but he has attracted more than 19 thousand followers on social networks. Known for his strange new voice, thousands of likes on Facebook’s cover videos and to develop his voice and pursue his passion for singing, recently this guy from Da Nang has MV release of Mother’s Day to express deep gratitude to his beloved mother.

The MV covers the song Mother’s Day was filmed in many famous places in Da Nang city. With a very meaningful message such as deep thanks for the sacrifice, the silent love of the mother for her children. The MV is well-prepared in term soft image and warm, sweet voice with a very new and unique way of handling the song. Especially, the rapist very impressive with very delicate and round words. He has collected more than 1000 views per month, thousands of comments and shares. With the unexpected success Dang Tra Xuan Minh has brought this voice closer to the public and promises to be a potential vocalist in the Vietnamese music industry.

Mother'S Day - Mv Cover First Hand Of &Quot;Đặng Trà Xuân Minh&Quot; - A Love For Mom 2

“The MV has been cherished for a long time. Since this is my first MV, I am very enthusiastic, from the preparation to the filming; I am very meticulous about it. In order to makethis MV, I and the crew met a lot of difficulties, there were scenes that had to be filmed many times, the weather was quite hot so it was a bit difficult for the crew to work. In order to getthis MV, I have to stayupat 4 am to edit, cut, merge videos, sometimes I even have a tear in myhand. I consider this product my brainchild. Having achieved such success, I feel very happy and happy, thank you very much, sir”- Dang Tra Xuan Minh shared.

“Musical store places what I want to say, to be taken from the deepest, true the art of each person. Let emotions and actions do the right things, love your mother, share with her mother to live not only to survive but also to love ”- the young man reminded the young people. I have not  forgotten to thank you for your audience, fans who have always supported you in the past time and hope to always receive your support or the support of all of you to have the will of the products.

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