Myths About Wearing Eyeglasses

Myths About Wearing Eyeglasses

Myths have been hunting and haunting us from the very beginning of life. People have associated myths with everything in almost every culture around the world. Myths are information widely spread and held on false beliefs. So it is not wise to rely on myths. There are many myths associated with wearing prescription eyeglasses too, and everyone has heard them so often that they accept it as truth. Some of the myths about eyeglasses are:

Myth # 1: You Become Dependent on the Eyeglasses:

Once you start wearing prescription eyeglasses, you become dependent on them. It is nearly impossible for you to read a book, watch TV, or look at a distance without eyeglasses. It is not valid. Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t make you dependent on them, but your improved vision makes you wear the glasses constantly.

Myth # 2: You Ruin your Eyes if you Wear the Wrong Eyeglasses:

Have you ever been told that if you wear glasses that are based on the wrong prescription, you will ruin your eye? The fact behind this myth is that the wrong eyeglasses will strain your eyesight. It will cause itchiness and blur vision. It may result in a headache, and if you remove them, you will feel better. Wearing the wrong eyeglasses only causes temporary discomfort, and they do not damage any part of the eyes.

Myth # 3: Wearing Eyeglasses Further Weaken your Eyes:

Some people believe that wearing eyeglasses weaken the eyes, but it is not true. It is one of the myths, like many others, about eyeglasses. Wearing eyeglasses does not undermine eyesight, but it corrects many eyesight problems permanently. The vision problems that are fixed through wearing eyeglasses are presbyopia, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.  The children also wear glasses to provide them with external aid for correcting their vision problems such as amblyopia and strabismus.

Myth # 4: Wearing someone else’s eyeglasses will damage your eyesight:

This myth is widely spread and believed by many that wearing someone else’s eyeglasses damages the vision. People have derived this myth because when they put on someone else’s glasses, they experience blurry vision, so they think it will hurt their eye parts.

Myth # 5: You cannot play sports while wearing eyeglasses:

Some people believe that you cannot play sports wearing glasses. This myth has been busted by many sports players who are wearing glasses and are champions at it. Some iconic NBA players used to wear glasses on the field, such as Lilian Thuram and Kaka.

Myth # 6: You need to take off your eyeglasses to rest your eyes:

The eyes do not need rest from the glasses because it corrects your vision, and if you take them off, it will strain your eyes. When you wear a new pair of glasses, it takes some time to adjust the blurry vision, and if you keep on taking off the glasses, you will go through the adjustment process again and again.

Myth # 7: With eyeglasses, you look older than your age:

People believe that they look terrible with eyeglasses. Some people do not like wearing glasses because they look older than their age.  It is simply a myth. The reality is they are wearing the wrong set of eyeglasses that doesn’t suit them. All they need is finding out the right set of eyeglasses.

Myth # 8: if you are wearing glasses, that means you are smart:

Everyone with the specs cannot be a genius. This myth has arisen from the movies and other TV shows showing that every intelligent person is wearing glasses. The media industry or pop culture has normalized this myth to the extent that everyone believes that there is a correlation between wearing glasses and intelligence.

Myth # 9: You can prevent wearing eyeglasses by doing eye exercise:

There is no uniform reason for which people need to wear glasses. Here are so many vision issues for which one needs to wear glasses. One needs to wear the eyeglasses due to tissues problem or the defect in ciliary muscles or the shape of the eyes, lazy eyes, or the crossed eyes. Hence, exercise may help relax your eyes but cannot reverse the damage for which you need your specs.

Myth 10: Every random person will advise you to eat carrots:

This myth is also widely believed that eating carrots sharpen eyesight. Although it is not true because there is no scientific evidence of it.  Carrots indeed have an abundance of vitamin A, but every vision defect is not because of vitamin A deficiency. Hence, eating more carrots will not help getting rid of eyeglasses.

Myth 11: If you are wearing UV protection glasses, you can stare directly at the sun:

Ultraviolet protection glasses do not protect the eyes 100%, and still, there are chances that you will get solar retinopathy if you stare directly at the sun.

This article aims to debunk all the myths about eyeglasses so that whenever you need eyeglasses to correct your vision, you do not hesitate to put them on just because of all the myths.

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