New Automotive Technologies for Safer Driving


Car manufacturers are constantly trying to innovate in order to distinguish themselves from each other by offering the best new products and technologies to their customers. Recently we devoted an article to the new Digital Light headlights from Mercedes Benz which adapt to the road for better night visibility. An innovation among the many technologies developed by car manufacturers to ensure better safety and protection for the driver and his passengers. We present to you today an anthology of these surprising innovations.


The smart car is at the heart of technological innovation in the years to come. Indeed, car manufacturers and suppliers who are studying the question of the autonomous car are multiplying, alongside other players such as start-ups, battery manufacturers or mobility platforms (Lyft, Uber, etc.). The advent of the autonomous car seems inevitable when several companies are already offering surprising prototypes: Tesla, Google Car, Apple Car… Faced with this trend, car manufacturers have no choice but to direct their innovations towards the empowerment of vehicles, step by step… Their innovations remain subject to current legislation which requires the driver to be in control of his vehicle and keep at least one hand on the wheel.

Witness the new innovation from Mercedes Benz, semi-autonomous driving integrated into its new E-Class : the Distronic + system, an intelligent cruise control that is very useful when traffic is dense. The system maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead: it slows down if the distance is reduced and speeds up if the distance widens, within the limit of a defined speed. It also works when a pedestrian crosses the road. A camera built into the windshield is able to detect white lines to automatically correct the vehicle’s trajectory. The intelligent system relies on sensors housed in the radiator grille, capable of detecting a vehicle up to 150 m away.


The new vehicle models on the automobile market have more and more functionalities making driving on the road safer in line with the new uses linked to new technologies. For example, the widespread functionality of connecting your smartphone to the dashboard via Bluetooth or USB makes driving safer. The driver finds all the functi onalities of his mobile phone such as messages, calls or music, by command directly on the dashboard or by voice command. This keeps the driver focused on the road and the surrounding environment.


We are all familiar with the airbags currently fitted to our vehicles: front airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags, etc. For safety reasons, some manufacturers have decided to increase the number of airbags in strategic locations for more passenger protection in the event of an accident. . The airbag placed under the steering column is starting to be installed more and more on recent models.

Developed by Ford in 2010 in the United States then Mercedes Benz in 2013, these manufacturers offer seat belt airbags to prevent the damage they can cause to the body during an impact: this reduces the pressure on the rib cage in a frontal impact.


Drowsiness remains one of the most widespread accident factors despite prevention on this subject. Manufacturers offer many systems to fight against drowsiness.

The most traditional anti-drowsiness system is the use of light or sound signals, preventing the driver from falling asleep at the wheel thanks to sensors which record the movements of the steering wheel or on the pedals. As soon as these sensors register an absence of movement, signals are sent to the driver to keep him awake.

Lexus has a camera that analyzes the movements of the driver, in particular the blinking of the eyelids: if the camera detects eyelids that beat too regularly or that close too long, a light and sound signal prompts you to stop.

Volkswagen’s Emergency Assist system is even able to take control of the vehicle in the event of no action or movement by the driver after sending signals: the vehicle is able to trigger the hazard warning lights and park on the far right lane.


Small technological advance at the prototype stage currently: cameras instead of mirrors. It is a relaxation of European and French legislation that will give life to this progress from 2018.

The perimeter of vision of the cameras will be directly projected on the screens of the dashboard.

The advantage of the cameras is that they will enlarge the driver’s field of vision, especially blind spots. Another advantage, the cameras can send an alert in the event of presence in the blind spot and offer infrared vision to see better at night.

This would lead to the abandonment of the side mirrors for a more aerodynamic design and less air noise.

These new technologies are gradually making their mark on the automobile market, primarily on the high-end vehicle market, of which we offer a low-mileage selection .

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Muneer Majahed Lyati

Muneer Majahed Lyati is a successful mechanical engineer who plays an essential role in advancing the automotive industry. Due to his expertise in engines and vehicles, the trained engineer has effectively trained fresher’s keen on a comparative profession.

Muneer is an excellent mechanical engineer who made significant reforms in the automotive industry. Because of his vehicle experience, the trained engineer can train freshers to be keen on a comparative profession effectively.

Muneer Lyati might be a 38-year-old mechanical engineer generally known for his beautiful works inside the auto business. His ability in autos and their motors have made him one among the chief unmistakable men inside the auto business. Muneer Lyati has got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineer from Jeddah College of Technology.

Muneer Lyati has led his research on hybrid electric vehicles. His insight and comprehension, combined with his vehicle ability, have permitted him to delve further into electric cars. He worked hard to learn how hybrid vehicles reduced the cost of fuel, which is a significant reason people buy these cars. 

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