Officially the Nintendo Switch overtaken the original Super Nintendo sales

Officially The Nintendo Switch Overtaken The Original Super Nintendo Sales 1

Today’s Nintendo is the place to celebrate. It was announced that Nintendo’s sales were officially higher than the original Super Nintendo, which is one of the best consoles ever for Nintendo. It would look as if the turn is not stopped. As of the end of 2019, it sold 52, 48,000 consoles. A large majority of the initial Switch sales were made. This comprises the latest battery-life model and represents huge total sales of 47.3 million. The Switch Lite also sold 5, 19 million units, which was released last September.

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Nintendo was particularly strong in the last financial quarter of 2019. They announced that 10, 8 million consoles were moved worldwide during that time period. Projected sales have now been increased to 19.5 million from the 18 million consoles initially planned for the remainder of Nintendo’s financial year.

How do you compare this with the past success of Nintendo?

The 1991 Super Nintendo sold 49.1 million consoles throughout its life cycle. The Switch now is only 34 months into its very life cycle, which could indicate greater things to come. It is also worth noting that The Nintendo DS, which sold 154.02 million units, was Nintendo’s best selling device all time. Then, you have 118, 69 million devices for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. At 101, 63 million units, the Wii remains the highest-selling console in Nintendo’s history.

The original 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System is the next biggest barrier to the switch. 61, 91 million units were sold in the console. Of course, a few of its predecessors had left the Switch in the dust already. Wii U, the Nintendo GameCube with 21.74 million units, and 32, 92 million consoles with Nintendo 64 were easily surpassed, with 13.56 million Consoles.

The Switch is a revolutionary product with the long-sought feature that can be accessed by a handheld device from a TV HD console. One of the reasons why the Switch worked so well is its portability and flexibility.

And not only had the hardware sold exceptionally for this console. Switch games with Super Smash Bros proved to be enormous sellers. Last but not least, Street Fighter 2 was the highest selling fighting game in less than a year. More than 15 million copies were sold, only a month and a half after their release by Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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