One-Wall Kitchen Ideas for Floor Space-Saving and More


Most people regret having a small space as they assume nothing good can come out of it, but it doesn’t have to be true. Suppose you have a decent-size beautiful home. There is room for everything, but building a large kitchen is not possible. You have to manage within the smaller square footage to accommodate your cooking and dining needs. In that case, you can depend on one-wall kitchen ideas. These layouts use single walls, leaving scope for dining tables, breakfast bars, and bar carts. Some people leverage this concept in an open floor plan, even in a large house, to integrate kitchen, dining, and entertainment area for keeping the energy flowing from one corner to another.

Here is a quick glimpse into them to help you explore and pick your favorite choice.

Bringing Two-Zones Closer

The kitchen and dining room can have different types of flooring to restrict the space between them. Wood can adorn the dining nook and poured concrete cooking zone. Marble countertop and splashback can go well with white units installed above and below them. A wall-mounted cabinet can also be there just down the window to provide unhindered outdoor views. You can implement this even in a narrow galley. Remove the partition to convert it into an open plan.

Using Antiquity and Simplicity

Do you have free space near the old stone fireplace? You can choose it for your kitchen. The wall can be the same color as the neighboring region. However, you can select sea-green backsplash and cabinets to round up the look. The worktop can be slate material with lower closed-door storage units. The shelf above the range can boast geometric design through green and black splashback. In this setup, an steel wash basin made with durable materials can look perfect.

Merging a Frosty Feel with Patterns

You can use a white and bold blue theme to create a soothing charm in this part of the house. If you don’t mind getting a little eclectic, this can be an ideal opportunity. Equip the blue-colored overhead cabinets with frosty shutters and the lower ones with snow-colored doors. The backsplash can bear floral print. 

Including a Golden Touch

Some homeowners enjoy a streamlined layout for its precision and neatness. Industrial décor can do justice to this. If you want to elevate its charm, you can furnish it with a hint of gold. The single wall kitchen with cabinets and railings in golden color can redefine luxury amidst an all-grey theme. You can include a bottle rack, an in-built corner for the oven and microwave, etc.

Glorifying the Stone Effect

If you like the island and small kitchen ideas, you can rely on one-wall design concepts easily. Some of the exciting details in this nook can be wicker baskets, stone walls, earthy splashes, and a sizeable unit for the oven. You can use laminate for overhead cabinets. It can be elegant addition.

Introducing Brown to the Petite

It can sound counterintuitive, but many people happen to be crazy about small kitchen styles. There can be various reasons for this, such as easy cleaning and maintenance, more flooring space, etc. You can make this space attractive with a touch of brown while furnishing it with everything, from mini-fridge to cabinets in order to perform your chores hesitation-free.

Adding Earthy Tone

Is there a gabled roof over your kitchen? You can tap its attractiveness by supplying this corner with shelves, drawers, and cupboards in plywood material. The overhead racks can be on either side of the small wall window, and the countertop can accommodate a modern sink in the middle.

Facilitating Outdoor View and Light

Backsplash can be a regular feature in every kitchen. You can do something different by replacing it with a row of windows. If it overlooks lush greenery, nothing can be better than this. Such a backdrop can give you a feel of a holiday home. You can install a large transparent window on the top to welcome more light into the adjacent dining area facing the countertop.

Go for a Hardwearing Look

Your one-wall kitchen can look the way you want it to be. Do you wish to give it a workshop-like feel? Build stained plywood units in different shades and install a grey pegboard. While the colorful cabinets store utensils and other items, the small shelves hold daily-use containers and tools. The worktop can be grey linoleum, and you can finish off this look with a polished concrete floor. If you are interested in polished concrete head over to Policrete

Taking Advantage of Wedged Space

It cannot be easy to have a kitchen in an awkward-looking area. But architectural designs can rescue anything. Build your small kitchen on a wall with dark-colored marble splashback, dual-shaded cabinets, etc. If it is a compact space with no other possibility, you can install sliding glass doors for clear boundaries.

Make Wood the Hero

How about blending 70s charm with a modern flair? You can decorate your kitchen with vertical wood slabs, pendant lights, textured rug, and other materials to give it a unique dated look.

Try out the Minimalism

Any corner can look spacious in white. So keep your cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and kitchen tools in such a tone. Amidst this, silver appliances and green plants can create a homey feeling. If there is some free space in the front, you can place two comfortable chairs to accentuate its warmth. It can be a beautiful and practical addition. When you are busy cooking, your partner can sit there and chat.

The one-wall kitchen ideas can be fit for anyone who cooks but is not a fan of cooking. They rely on this place to fulfill basic food needs. So if you are not a home chef or don’t have a large family to feed, you can support these designs. You can incorporate all the essential features to ensure high functionality. Once you become comfortable, you will enjoy your time here. Hence, don’t worry about the size. Consult your designer for some ideas and get going. It can be a budget-friendly endeavor too. That’s why it makes more sense to pursue this concept.

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