Online Quran academy and teachings of the Holy Quran

Online Quran academy and teachings of the Holy Quran

Online Quran academy and teachings of the Holy Quran

Abdul Wadood Shalabi wrote in his book ‘Religion of life ‘,

‘ the Quran, literally, that which is often and more recited, A web of rhythm and meaning, the world of the holy Quran throb through Muslim worship, break the surface…….’.

The holy Quran is the forehead of Divine inspiration for every Muslim. Its revelation on Prophet Muhammad PBUH is, in fact, the blessings of Allah Almighty over humanity. The holy Quran provides us the system that is valid for all the times, even based on which we will get success on the Day of judgment.

It is the confirmation of which had been sent on earlier prophets; it tells us what happened with the earlier nations when they neglected Allah’s teachings and his Prophets. It also gives us the news of Allah’s rewards over the believers who accept the Quran’s instructions and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

We have seen what the significance of these final words of Allah Almighty is, the learning of the Quran has equal importance as the importance of the Holy Quran. Today, we are using an online Quran academy as a tool to learn the Quran.

The details of the Online Quran academy are given following.

The phenomena of online Quran academy

It is one of the widely used terms when we talk about the concept of online Quran academy. This continuation started from Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s reign when he was about to start giving education of the Quran to its believers. Then, this education of the Quran extended to other Muslims in a different region of the Arab world by a different companion of the Prophet PBUH after his demise. This system came to us; we also were gone to mosque and seminary to learn the holy Quran because it is an obligatory act for all Muslims.

Now, this system has changed on a deep level; our teacher may sit not with us but thousands of miles away from the student. Yet, he can deliver us the education of the Quran with satisfaction. Our children are getting the education of the holy Quran without going into mosques and seminaries. It is one of a great way of getting the teachings of the holy book of the Quran.

When we come to the traditional way of learning the Quran in the presence of a modern online way, we have seen that this is the painful way of getting Quran teachings.

It is our natural inclination to go toward the easy-going things; therefore, everyone from Muslims is trying to get some online forums to educate the Quran.

These online forums of Quran education are available over the internet in thousands of numbers. The need is to trace the good source of education of the Quran with the internet’s information. It is one of the credible sources of getting Quran education. We should not waste time to learn the teachings of the Holy Quran lesson.   

Why we choose the online Quran academy?

Getting education of the holy Quran through online Quran academy is one of the growing trends in all over the world, as the people are running short of time due to heavily busy moments of their life, online Quran academy is getting popularity.

There are several different reasons why we prefer the online Quran academy over the traditional way of learning the Quran.

First, it is time-saving. It does not require much time compared to the traditional way of learning the Quran in mosques or seminaries. Our children are busy in doing homework, and they do not have enough time to play or go to the garden, they need to manage the time; therefore, we require a time-saving program for the education of the Quran for our children and online Quran academy is one of the best options to learn the holy Quran.

It is easy to attend online Quran classes. We know that the complaint of the online registration process often becomes the point of discussion. But on the other hand, it is very easy to join online Quran classes. You need to register your simple information, then take trail classes, if you are satisfied, then submit the fee and attend regular classes of the holy Quran.

In the traditional system of Quran learning, the students are supposed to go on the required place which is form example, the mosque or seminary, but this is not the condition of the modern way of learning Quran, you can attend your classes wherever you want, it does not make the student bound to attend the classes form the office or any classroom. It is one of the great advantages of the online Quran academy; based on these advantages; it has become one of the fast-growing trends of our World.

Why we hesitate to choose the traditional way of learning the holy Quran?

No doubt, the traditional way of learning Holy Quran has its own importance; it is one of the great sources of education of the Quran, the importance of the traditional way of Quran education can be guessed by the fact that it was the source through which companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH got education of the Quran.

But, it is a natural trend for the human; they go easily toward the system which provides easiness to human. For example, we have to go to the mosque or seminary to get the teachings of the Quran, for that purpose, we should have enough time to spend because there are great numbers of students in the class, the dealing with a great number of students is no easy task, therefore, which cannot be completed in a short time. It means that it takes a long time. Therefore, we hesitate to choose the traditional way of learning the Quran.

There are a large number of students in the classroom in the traditional way of learning Quran; it becomes uneasy for the teacher to pay due attention to each student, it breaks the level of quality learning, while in the modern way of Quran learning, there is a fewer number of students in the classroom, it is easy for the teacher to pay equal attention to all these students.

In fact, this is a man-made system that cannot be perfect for all flaws. Therefore, there are some advantages and disadvantages to this system, but we should not take tension, research is ongoing, and find a good solution to all these problems.

We should make serious tires to get the education of the Quran, instead, we should not make lame excuses because it is the guarantee of success in our life and the life after death.

Education of the Quran

We all know that the learning of the Quran is an obligatory task for all of us. But, why it is an obligatory task, this does not know many of us. The simple answer to this question is that it is based on the final words of Allah if we want success in both of our lives, there is no way of getting success other than acting upon the Holy Quran.

The holy Quran itself describes what the Quran is, Surah Al-Baqrah, verse no 2, Allah says in the Holy Quran,

‘This is the book in which there is not any doubt, a guidance for those people who are Al-Mutaqoon and love Allah to a great extent.’

This is the answer of the question that we should turn to the teachings of the Holy Quran; the answer is that this is the book which is based on truth, there is not something which is included in it without truth, it is the divine guidance which is based on the words of Allah who is the only manager of the affairs of the universe.

There are different Ahadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH which tells us why we should move toward the education of the holy Quran. For example, in one of his Hadith, he said, ‘Every prophet has been bestowed with his miracle by Allah Almighty, but I have been given by Allah Almighty the divine inspiration which is the book of the Holy Quran.’

So, this book has the status of divine inspiration for all of us. It is our unfortunate that if we refuse the learning the book of the holy Quran, which is the guarantee of success.


Now, we have a modern way of learning the Quran; we can’t make lame excuses about learning the holy Quran; we should learn the holy Quran due to its importance. Moreover, we should memorize the holy Quran. There are different blessings and virtues of memorizing the Holy Quran.

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